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Golden State Still Online NBA Betting Favorites

When the Golden State Warriors snagged Kevin Durant during the offseason, all the best NBA sportsbooks instantly jumped on Golden State’s bandwagon. The warriors came into the season with the best odds of winning the NBA title, better odds than even the reigning champions. From what we’ve seen in a month of regular season basketball, the online NBA betting odds were right to favor the Warriors. Not only do the Warriors have the best record in the Western Conference – something everybody saw coming, Golden State is on track for the best offensive rate of scoring per 100 possessions, in the history of basketball. The Warriors already own their fair share of NBA records, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a few more.

In addition to the record they are currently on pace for, the Warriors have some other interesting statistics. As aforementioned, the Warriors have the best record in the Western Conference and that’s all thanks to the fact that they’ve won 16 out of their first 18 games. So how have the Warriors accomplished that task? Well it could have something to do with the fact that Golden State is blocking 6.4 shots per game. Shots blocked is not a statistic fans usually look up when betting on NBA games, but it has certainly propelled the Warriors to their stellar lead. But not only is Golden State protecting the rim, they’re also spreading the love around.

As of right now the Warriors are averaging nearly 32 assist per game. To put this in perspective, the Houston Rockets are only averaging 24.7 assists per game. So in reality, Golden State is averaging 30% assists than their closest competitor. Interestingly enough, the Houston Rockets are the team that Golden State will have to face next. Once the game is over, online NBA betting fans will be able to see if that 30% increase in assists accounts for that big of a difference. Not only will Houston have to contend with the Warriors above average assist rate, they’re going to have to find a way to stop a team making 50.6% of their field goals. Not the easiest thing in the world to do.

Of the two, Golden State will be more rested than Houston since they will be coming off their win against the Atlanta Hawks, while Houston will be coming off their Tuesday night game against the Utah Jazz. Some consider the Rockets to be a ‘sleeping giant’ and vastly underrated across the nation. There might be some truth in that statement, but since the Rockets will be facing the Warriors, there’s little doubt as to whom the online NBA betting odds will be favoring this Thursday.