Ghosts of Knicks’ Past, Present and Futures Odds

Posted by: Charlie Smith
New York Knicks

Online NBA betting fans who have been keeping up to date with the latest happenings around the league are well aware of the trial facing New York Knicks’ star Derrick Rose. Rose had recently been on the receiving end of allegations regarding sexual assault. Now that the trial is over, the jury has decided to clear Rose of any charges, claiming that the allegations were not based on credible evidence. Now that the truth has come to light, we can have a little fun at Rose’s expense. Rose joined the Knicks this past offseason, and what better way to make a name for yourself in a new home than having a sexual assault case in front of the entire nation. This puts Rose in a bad light, as well as New York, despite the results of the trial. The Knicks will try to put this behind them as fast as possible, just like they have been doing with all of their other disappointments.

Over the last couple of years New York has been arguably one of the most discouraging professional basketball team within North America. The 2012-13 season was the last time the Knicks enjoyed success. Mike Woodson was the coach at the time and in his second year he was able to lead New York to a 54-28 record, as well as a division title. The Knicks ended up going to the Conference Semi-Finals, so it’s safe to say the year was a great success. But ever since that season, it has been all downhill for New York.

Mike Woodson led the Knicks into the 2013-14 season, but the team’s performance was so miserable that the organization decided to let Woodson go midseason. Derek Fisher was brought in to help lead this team in Woodson’s absence. Under Fisher’s leadership the Knicks would finish 37-45. Mind you, this is Fisher’s first stint as a head coach, so online NBA betting critics cut the young coach some slack. Also, Fisher took over halfway through the season, so the guilt wasn’t entirely his to carry. The following season was a different story.

Fisher’s first season as the Knicks true head coach came during the 2014-15 season. Interestingly enough, the 2014-15 season will go down in online NBA betting history as the worst season in the history of the New York Knicks. Which is more than believable, considering that the Knicks only won 17 games the entire season. With a record of 17-65, and a winning percentage of .207, that season is one of the biggest things the Knicks are hoping to burry.

The following season New York fans were hopeful for a turnaround, but it never came. In his second year as the head coach of the Knicks, Fisher led the club to a 32-50 finish. Now entering his third year, will Fisher be able to land his first winning season of his coaching career? Most basketball betting sites think so.

Considering how poor the team finished last season, the Knicks have some pretty good odds.  The Knicks are facing +1850 odds to win the Eastern Conference, and +7050 odds to win this year’s title. New York has had a busy offseason, and the odds certainly believe it will pay off. Either way, the Knicks will be anxious to bury both Rose’s accusations, as well as their recent failures. If Fisher is unable to lead them to success after their offseason additions, he might be the one getting buried.