Early December NBA Betting Power Rankings

Posted by: Mike Davis
Early December NBA Betting Power Rankings

Now that we’re more than a month into the online NBA betting season, NBA sportsbooks fans have gotten a good look at the best teams around the league. Naturally some teams have lived up to their reputation, others are starting to look a little disappointing, and others have gone and exceeded any preexisting notions we may have had about them. So with all this new information it’s only natural to rearrange the NBA’s power rankings to more accurately represent the current state of the league.

1. Los Angeles Clippers

Some basketball betting fans may disagree with this ranking, but after the Clippers have won 15 of their first 20 games, including a win over the reigning NBA champions, where else should they fall? Throughout the season we’ve seen Los Angeles rise and fall throughout the rankings and while some may prefer to see them lower on this list, Golden State’s loss to the Houston Rockets on Thursday night leaves the door right open for the Clippers to move up all the way up to Number 1.

2. Golden State Warriors

Even though the Warriors recently lost to Houston, and even though it seems that Golden State will not be improving on their record from last year, the Warriors are still poised to set other records. The online NBA betting odds were giving the Warriors the best odds out of the entire NBA and although it hasn’t been an easy road, Golden State seems destined for the title. At the end of the day this team has too much talent, and they continue to prove it over and over again.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers

It might still be early in the season, but after becoming the 1st team ever to make at least 20 3-pointers in consecutive games, and following that performance up with even more wins, Cleveland has amassed a seemingly insurmountable lead in the East. Everyone knows the Cavs will be in the playoffs, and more likely than not they’ll also be in the championship game.

4. Houston Rockets

This ranking is arguably the most generous on this list, but their win over the Warriors this past Thursday was massive, and the win made their record 50 3-point attempts the week before seem irrelevant. The only problem with Houston is their inconsistency. Beating Golden State makes them seem like one of the best teams in the NBA, but seeing them fail to beat the Jazz contradicts that notion. Ultimately we’ll have to wait for the season to develop to get an accurate read on the Rockets.

5. San Antonio Spurs

The online NBA betting odds will argue that the Spurs belong higher on this list and that would be true if the Spurs strictly played on the road. Unfortunately, San Antonio also has to play at home and when they do they aren’t nearly as dangerous. Maybe Gregg Popovich can hypnotize his players into believing that they’re always on the road.