Should NBA Betting Fans Consider Lonzo A Bust??

Posted by: Mike Davis
Lonzo Ball has failed to live up to the hype spouted by his father

As the 2017 NBA betting season progresses, plenty of enticing storylines are starting to develop. We’re seeing Kyrie Irving lead his new family to a stellar performance through the first half of the season, we’re seeing the Cleveland Cavaliers struggle and clearly miss Irving, and we’re seeing the Oklahoma City Thunder struggle to find their groove as well. But even amongst these headlines that include LeBron James’ usual attention grabbing antics, there is one particular storyline that seems to make its way to the forefront of the NBA discussion and it involves none other than Lonzo Ball.

Lonzo came onto our radar when LaVar Ball, Lonzo’s passionate father, came onto the scene making bold and very infuriating claims. LaVar made nonsense claims like that his son was already better than the multiple-time MVP Steph Curry, that he, himself would have beaten Michael Jordan – the greatest basketball player of all time, one on one, or saying that the Los Angeles Lakers would make the playoffs in Lonzo’s first season. Naturally, online sportsbook players taken note of this loudmouth and most have a growing disdain towards the Big Baller Brand.

Part of the reason LaVar got so much hype was because some of his predictions did in fact come true. Lonzo did get picked by the Los Angeles Lakers, LaVar’s most proud moment to date. However, other than that, most of LaVar’s promises have fallen short. UCLA did not win the National Title, Lonzo is not better than Steph Curry and at the moment, it doesn’t look like the Lakers are playoff bound. The only thing left to question is whether or not Lonzo is a bust.

Lonzo’s numbers to date aren’t exactly what you would call Big Baller material. Ball is currently averaging 8.9 points per game, 6.4 rebounds per game, and 6.9 assists per game. Naturally, Ball gets a bit of a pass with these low-figures because he’s a rookie. Also, Ball’s stamina isn’t exactly what NBA betting fans would consider to be NBA caliber. However, this should improve as the season goes on. Furthermore, Lonzo literally just turned 20 and he still has some growing to do, both mentally and physically. Anyone who has watched the rook play knows he could use a few pounds in order to compete against the bigger bodies in the league.

It’s not so much that Ball’s numbers are atrocious, it’s more so that they fall short of the promise from his father. We can give Lonzo a pass on not shooting great and not scoring as much due to how early in his rookie season. But there are some issues that don’t merit a pass. Specifically, Lonzo’s over-emphatic willingness to pass the ball. At time it looks like the rookie is just too timid and timidity is not the hallmark of a Hall of Fame bound athlete.

Players who bet on NBA know that what the Lakers need now more than most is someone to come in and put some points on the board. Lonzo might not be that guy. He’s a tremendous ball player that has a knack for developing plays but he’s not Kobe. The bottom line is that the Lakers will likely miss out on the playoffs and Lonzo’s rookie season will be average at best. But if they can surround Lonzo with some scorers, this team could be something special.