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Celtics Hoping Westbrook/Griffin Bring Luck

NBA betting has the Boston Celtics pegged as 30/1 odds for winning next year’s title, and if they are able to add Russell Westbrook or Blake Griffin those odds might just go up. Every team in the NBA is scrambling to assemble as many superstars as possible after Golden State decided to go super saiyan and bring along Kevin Durant. The Celtics started this offseason by getting Al Horford to jump ship and sign with Boston. With one star under their belt this free agency the Celtics are looking to answer Golden State’s moves by targeting a bigger star than Horford.

The player they’ve set their eyes on are certainly one of the NBA’s best. Both Griffin and Westbrook have established themselves as one of the league’s elites over the last several seasons. Westbrook is considered by many to be one of the top three ballplayers in the league. But wanting a player is simply not enough, what are the chances that Boston has of securing these players?

With Durant officially sailing to Oakland, Westbrook is the sole survivor of a Thunder team that was once riddled with talent. Westbrook hasn’t expressed any disinterest of remaining with the organization but there is no doubt that the thought has crossed his mind. The Thunder’s management will have to step up and make a decision regarding Westbrook, or risk losing him during free agency like they did with Durant.

The best thing for Oklahoma to do at this point would be to trade Westbrook early and retain some value for one of the league’s premiere superstars. Enter the Boston Celtics. Rumors as of late have been floating around the league and the world of NBA betting stating that Danny Ainge, the Celtics executive, has set his eyes on Westbrook. If they are able to negotiate a deal, the Thunder would be able to trade Westbrook for a pretty penny.

However, the rumors also say that Ainge is interested in Griffin. While the Celtics technically have enough cap space to sign both players, seeing a scenario in which they have enough to offer both of these clubs will be unlikely. The Celtics will more than likely have to part ways with a fair share of draft picks, as well as lose a core member of their team. Either way sportsbook users can’t blame them for trying to bring in a talent like Griffin.

There’s no arguing that Westbrook is a much better player than Griffin, but don’t let that undermine Griffin’s value. Many fans of NBA betting would rank Griffin in the top 15, easily. Over the last four years Griffin has been in the top 20 for PER (Player Efficiency Rating) and he would’ve been top 15 if not sinking to the 18th ranking last year due to injuries. Injuries are no doubt the biggest downside to acquiring Griffin, that and whatever Boston is going to have to give up to get him.

Both players have their pros and cons. Westbrook is an overall better player, but his shooting – well he’s just not a shooter. On top of Griffin’s relationship with injuries he also has an early opt-out clause in his contract, and that will put Boston in the same situation that the Thunder are currently in. Either way Boston has to do something in an effort to assemble a team the likes of the Warriors’.