What Can Online NBA Betting Fans Expect From Cleveland?

Posted by: Mike Davis
Cleveland Cavaliers 2017 Odds and Upcoming season news

The latest online NBA betting news is set to shake the league. Amidst news regarding a beef between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers have taken the spotlight off of their two current superstars and shifted it towards their newest superstar: Derrick Rose.

The franchise announced Tuesday that free agent point guard and former MVP Rose has inked a one-year deal worth $2.1 million – the minimum salary the league allows teams to pay a veteran. It did not take long for both sides to agree to a deal, as the defending Eastern Conference champs met with both Rose and his agent on Monday. While players who bet on NBA had been watching the free agent market for quite some time, few could’ve anticipated this shell-shocking move.

Rose, who hails from the Windy City, now has the opportunity to contend for an NBA title, while playing for a team that is still relatively close to home. This move coincides suspiciously with the latest rumors floating around that Kyrie Irving is looking to leave Cleveland.

News of a disgruntled Irving first broke earlier this week when the Cavs’ superstar informed team owner Dan Gilbert that he was no longer interested in playing in Cleveland. Specifically, Irving no longer wanted to play alongside LeBron James.

To online NBA betting fans out of the loop, this news may seem like a bombshell. However, to those who had been paying special attention, this move seemed like the next, most logical chapter in this drama filled book.

Since the news broke, more reports have surfaced regarding Irving’s feelings towards Cleveland and James. Most of Irving’s ill-will towards the King stems from what he perceives to be James’ self-interest being higher than the needs or priorities of the team.

Take last year’s finals for example. LeBron James became the first player in league history to average a triple-double in the finals, yet his team still lost in 5 games. However, James did not seem to be bothered by losing yet another final, instead finding solace in his numbers.

However, numbers don’t win a championship and to Irving – who takes losing as personal as personal can get, this was straight blasphemy. Coupled with James’ antics, and Irving wants to play alongside someone who can let a healthy relationship grow.

Bringing up Golden State at this time cannot be helped. Apart from the overflowing talent the franchise currently has, one can’t help but admire the unselfish attitude of all the players. For the Warriors, it’s the we before I at all times and it’s this very attitude that has allowed such superstars to work together and achieve something greater than themselves.

The same cannot be said about James. To the King, it’s all about the personal brand. This is exemplified by his willingness to leave his home city just to get a title under HIS name. Sure, Durant may have done something similar, but Durant chose to join a superstar team, not make one and incidentally put your name up for credit.

Every online NBA betting fan can recall a memory of James that does damage to his legacy. From his flops to his constant demeaning of referees, there are many fans who feel that James isn’t good for basketball.

Irving’s decision to leave James is just another example of how an ego can ruin a team.

Nonetheless, bettors should be excited about Rose joining the Cavs. A former MVP against one of the best basketball players in the country is sure to deliver some highlights and the sportsbook odds don’t doubt that. But can Rose and James accomplish what James and Irving couldn’t?