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Can Cleveland Compete With Sportsbook Favorite Warriors?

Players betting on NBA games can hardly await the start of this year’s Finals. And it’s understandable; after all it’s not every day that you see the exact same teams make the Finals three years in a row.

With the Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers III starting this Thursday, it’s safe to say that we are witnessing NBA history unfold before our very eyes. As we approach the start of this fated series, one pivotal question will make its way to the front of bettors’ minds: will the LeBron James lead the Cavs to back to back titles? Or will the Warriors find their redemption? Let’s take a look at what the NBA sportsbook odds have to say about Game 1 of this series before we take a shot at that inquiry.

Game 1 – Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors – Thur., June 1st

When: 9:00 pm ET

Where: Oracle Arena, Oakland

Series: First of Best of Seven


Stream: ABC Live

NBA Sportsbook Odds

Cleveland Cavaliers +7 (-110)          225 ½ (-110)   +260

Golden State Warriors -7 (-110)      225 ½ (-110)   -320

Seeing the sports betting lines favor Golden State so heavily should come as no surprise to players betting on NBA games in this year’s playoffs. The fact that the Warriors have posted an undefeated record to get to the Finals not only justifies the odds, but it also places all the pressure on Golden State. Very few people actually expect the Cavs to come away with it, even if they managed to do so last season. This is a new and improved Warriors team, one that has the utmost confidence that they can get it done against Cleveland. But can they get it done in 4?

Golden State over Cleveland in 4?

Some bettors feel confident that Golden State can get the job done in four. The reason being? Draymond Green. Green’s suspension in last year’s series opened the door for a Cleveland comeback and there’s more than one player betting on NBA games who feels that if Green hadn’t been suspended, the Warriors would have walked away with last year’s title. But instead Golden State suffered a huge upset, which has only added wood to the Warriors’ 2017 fire. Golden State feels like they have everything to prove. Durant wants to show that he’s a winner, Curry wants to make up for last year’s poor performance in the Finals, and Green is hell bent on avoiding another suspension.

Can the Cavs Stretch it to 5?

It’s almost impossible to imagine Cleveland upsetting the Warriors once again. The best Cleveland can hope for is to stretch this series out to 5 games. In last year’s Finals, Cleveland only conceded one loss on home court. With the series beginning in Oakland, it’s extremely likely that the Warriors will jump to an early 2-0 lead over Cleveland. However, once the series comes back to Cleveland, the Cavs will have an opportunity to take advantage of their home court. Whether or not Cleveland jumps on that opportunity will determine how long they can stay alive in this year’s Finals.