Breaking Down NBA Betting 2016 Debut

Posted by: Mike Davis
Jazz vs Trail Blazers NBA Betting Debut

The online NBA betting season is finally upon us and fans can let out a relief as it has arrived just in time to save all of us from horrendous NFL games. Before the NBA season started, the NFL was already struggling with its ratings. Now that the NBA season has officially taken off, there is very little hope left for the NFL. After all, who can forget how riveting this past year’s historic NBA finals were? Nothing we’ve seen from the NFL this year can compete with the breathtaking action we saw from the Cavaliers and Warriors earlier this year. But in all likelihood, it will be quite some time before the NBA is able to provide something so sensational again.

This Tuesday the Warriors and the Cavaliers will be taking the court to officially don the start of the NBA season. The Cavs will play the Knicks at 7:30 PM EST and the Warriors will square off against the Spurs at 10:30 PM EST. But in between those games will be the contest between the Utah Jazz and the Portland Trail Blazers, which kicks off 10:00 PM EST. Some fans may be more interested in catching the games involving the two teams to make it to the Finals last year, but there’s no question that the Jazz-Trail Blazers game will draw enough attention. Let’s see what most basketball betting sites are predicting for Tuesday’s matchup.

NBA Odds – Tuesday, October 25th

Utah Jazz +5 ½ (-110) – +200
Portland Trail Blazers -5 ½ (-110) – -240

The Trail Blazers are coming off the better season so naturally the online NBA betting odds are favoring them in Tuesday’s contest. Last season, Portland finished 44-38, qualified for the playoffs, and even made it to the second round before losing to the Golden State Warriors. The 2015-16 season was a great success for the Trail Blazers; the only question is will they be able to build on it?

While Portland was enjoying success in the regular season, Utah was having a hard time staying above .500. Once the season was over, the Jazz finished with a 40-42 record, ranking them 3rd in the division and 9th in the conference. It’s been a couple years since online NBA betting fans have seen the Jazz in the playoffs. Will they be able to break their postseason drought this season?

Both teams have their own questions to answer, so fans should want to tune in to see which team has the most defiant answer. Fans looking to tune into the game via mobile can now do so easier than ever before. NBA League Pass has been around some time now, but the NBA has decided to give it an upgrade. Now instead of squinting at your phone, fans can zoom in and get a closer to NBA action than ever before. The subscription still runs around a couple hundred bucks, but it’s a great option for bettors who are frequently on the run, yet still want to catch in on the latest basketball games