Boston & Washington’s Online Betting NBA Beef

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Celtics vs Wizards

While online betting NBA fans may still be recovering from Monday night’s sportsbook action that saw the Miami Heat deliver a colossal upset to the Warriors, Tuesday’s night action will undoubtedly provide the opportunity to avenge any losses suffered when backing Golden State. Tuesday’s round of pairings features a variety of matchups but the one with the most amount of intrigue has to be the contest between the Boston Celtics and the Washington Wizards.

With both teams ranking in the top 8 in the Eastern Conference, both the Celtics and the Wizards will be looking to maintain their playoff seeding. But postseason implications are not the reason that there is hype building around this matchup, but rather because of the beef that has been developing between the two clubs.

Fans betting on NBA games have surely caught wind of the trash talking and the roughhousing that has been occurring in Boston’s and Washington’s most recent meetings. Back during their January 11th contest, Wizards’ guard John Wall and Celtics’ forward Jae Crowder maintained their verbal feud after the buzzer had blown and eventually officials had to separate the two teams’ to prevent further escalation. In the aftermath the league fined Crowder $25,000 for his contribution to the spat. Furthermore, Wall received a $15,000 ticket for ‘attempting to escalate’ the situation.

Tuesday night the Celtics will welcome the Wizards to their home court to add another chapter to what is becoming a very bitter rivalry. Wall, when pressed about the attire his team will don in the contest replied; “All black everything, A funeral”. Wall didn’t mince words when elaborating on the atmosphere between these two teams and there’s no doubt that this will be a heated contest. With that in mind, let’s check the sportsbook odds to see which team is coming in as the favorite.


Boston Celtics                   -1½ (-110)       217½ (-110)    -125
Washington Wizards      +1½ (-110)        217½ (-110)    +105

The sportsbooks have come out in favor of the Boston Celtics. The Celts are coming into this contest with a 26-17 record which ranks them third in the East. Boston has lost their last two contests against the Knicks and the Trail Blazers and will be looking to use the friction between these two teams to spark a turnaround. The Celtics are led in points by Isaiah Thomas who is averaging 29 per game as well as 2.7 rebounds per game. Avery Bradley is second and he’s averaging 17.7 points per game as well as 6.9 rebounds per outing.

The Wizards will be coming off their most recent win over the New Orleans Hornets. The Wizards are sitting on a 24-20 record that ranks them 5th in the Eastern Conference. The online betting NBA odds are giving Washington a fighting chance in this game and the Wizards will be relying on John Wall to lead them to an upset victory. Wall was shut down in their last contest going 4 for 21 scoring a season-low 9 points. Wall is averaging 23 points per game, 4.5 rebounds, and 2.21 steals per outing.