Boston an Easy Sportsbook Pick over Lowly 76ers

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics

With the start of the New Year the online NBA betting playoffs are officially less than 4 months away. Unlike some other sports, like the NHL or the NFL, even though we’re only halfway through the season we have a pretty good idea of which teams will be qualifying for the postseason. We know that the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Toronto Raptors, and Boston Celtics will all likely end up snatching a top seed in the Eastern Conference. Likewise, the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and Houston Rockets will all be laying claim to the Western Conference’s top seeds. Of those aforementioned teams, the Cavs and the Warriors have the best sportsbook odds of winning the title this year. Obviously, the Warriors have better odds thanks to their star studded roster. But even though the other previously mentioned teams aren’t exactly favorites to win the title, they still have pretty good odds of making the playoffs – where anything could happen.

One team trying to make a surprise run in this year’s postseason is the Boston Celtics. Over the last two years the Celtics have managed to make two playoff appearances, albeit they lost both times in the first round. Last season, Boston was at least able to make an improvement, however small it might have been. Contrary to what most basketball betting sites were predicting, the Celtics were able to win 8 more games than the previous year and went 2-4 in the first round of the playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks – which is inarguably better than going 0-4 against the Cavs like they had done at the end of the 2014-15 season. From what sportsbooks have seen from Boston so far, will they continue improving or will they take a step back?

Considering that most online NBA betting fans would rank the Boston Celtics within the NBA’s top-10 teams, it’s very likely that this year will prove to be favorable for Boston. As things stand now the Celtics are the proud owners of the Eastern Conference’s 3rd seed, all thanks to their 21-14 record. The season has had its up and downs but most of Boston’s losses have come against the best teams in the NBA. If Boston is looking to make it further into the playoffs this time around, they better start performing better against top teams during the regular season. One way to do that would by getting their players and their fan base on the same page.

This upcoming Friday night, the Celtics will be hosting one of the weaker teams from the Eastern Conference, the Philadelphia 76ers. Considering that Philadelphia ranks 14th in their East, and considering that the Phillies have only won 9 games this season, Boston is likely to come into this contest as the heavy sportsbook favorite. The 76ers have been absent from the online NBA betting playoffs for 4 consecutive seasons and the way they’ve been playing this season it’s likely that they will be extending that drought to 5.