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Biggest Surprises This NBA Betting Season

Surprises go hand in hand with professional sports. Just this year we’ve seen two teams (Warriors and Indians) make it to the finals, gain a 3-1 lead, only to have the other team come out and snatch the title out from underneath them. Safe to say, very few people saw that coming. But it’s important for online NBA betting fans, or sportsbook fans in general, to try and identify potential surprises as soon as possible. That way fans have a greater opportunity for trying to predict how the rest of the season will unfold. So, here are the biggest surprises of the NBA season so far.

Beast from the East

The biggest surprise from the Eastern Conference has to be the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls only needed three games to have the top 3-point shooting percentage within the East (42.5%). Chicago’s shooting has been on point, and their defense isn’t half bad. Some online NBA betting fans may be quick to point out that the Bulls haven’t been facing the toughest opposition. While that may be true, it’s equally true that the Bulls numbers are beyond impressive. NBA.com keeps a statistic for what they consider ‘wide-open 3s’. In that category the Bulls are shooting with a 54.2 success rate. It’s safe to say Dwayne Wade is loving the opportunity to play for his hometown team.

The Best from the West

While some critics may be quick to say that the Oklahoma City Thunder has been the most impressive, surprising team. A quick look at the odds most basketball betting sites were giving them in their first three games will reveal that Oklahoma City was facing some of the easiest competition in the league. The title of the most impressive team from the Western Conference belongs to the San Antonio Spurs. Uncertainty loomed above the Spurs following the departure of beloved future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan, but their play has resolved any doubts regarding this team. San Antonio may be sitting at 2-1 but what’s most impressive about this team is that the Spurs have been finding ways to win without exceptional play from their stars (Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili).

Most impressive Player in the NBA

Irrefutably, Dwayne Wade has been the most impressive player of this NBA season. The way Wade steps onto the court is brimming with childhood exuberance. It’s no secret that Wade grew up in Chicago, and that his childhood dream was always to put on the jersey of the team he watched while growing up beside his father. Now with reinvigorated impetus, Wade is draining three pointers like never before. With Wade playing the way he has been, the Bulls are destined to become online NBA betting favorites.