Sports Betting Lines for Rockets vs. Jazz Sportsbook Match

Posted by: Sebastian Morera
Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz – Thursday, December 7th - BetNow Sportsbook Odds

Thursday night offers yet another perfect opportunity for players betting on basketball to take advantage of the lucrative options sports betting lines are offering. One contest worth taking a look at is this evening’s Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz.  Considering the stark differences in both teams’ rankings, NBA bookmakers are certainly to come out in Houston’s favor decisively. Let’s take a look at what the odds makers have put together for this evening’s pairings.

Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz – Thursday, December 7th

When: 10:30 pm ET

Where: Vivint Smart Home Arena, Salt Lake City, Utah


Stream: TNT Drama, NBA League Pass

Sports Betting Lines:

Houston Rockets -6 (-110)    209 ½ (-110)   -225

Utah Jazz +6 (-110)   209 ½ (-110)   +185

Houston Rockets

The Rockets bounce into this Thursday night contest sporting an 18-4 record that ranks Houston 1st in the Southwest Division and 1st as well in the Western Conference. Houston’s 2017 season has been dynamite so far and there’s no reason to expect anything less as the year progresses. Clearly, the worries NBA betting pundits regarding Chris Paul and James Harden’s synchronicity were overinflated. Paul might not be having as big a part in the offense, but why fix something that isn’t broke? Houston clearly has figured this out, so it’s undeniably better to let them do their thing.

Players looking to try their luck on the sports betting lines for this evening’s Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz matchup should contemplate backing Houston on the spread. The Rockets are 13-9 against the spread on the season while the Jazz are 15-10 themselves. The spread line is set at 6 points; a figure the Rockets should be able to cover straightaway this evening. Ultimately, there’s no reason not to take Houston over Utah tonight.

Utah Jazz

The Jazz swoove into this inter-conference matchup sporting a 13-12 record that ranks them 4th in the Northwest Division and 7th in the Western Conference overall. Utah’s 2017 season has been riddled with ups and downs. At time the franchise is capable of putting together an eye-raising win streak and at others it is incapable of snapping a crippling losing streak. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for players placing NBA parlay picks this evening to back Utah on the money line – despite how lucrative the proposition may seem.

Adding on, the fact that Utah does not wield the star-power that the Rockets do does not bode well for the Jazz this evening. Rodney Hood currently leads Utah in points with an average of 17.7 drained in each game. That’s not that impressive and there’s absolutely no way Hood can compete with the 31.7 Harden is throwing down in each game. In fact, Eric Gordon, who is second in points for the Rockets, has a better ppg average with 19.4 than the man leading Utah in points this evening. Donovan Mitchell is second in points for Utah as he’s putting up 17.2 each game. In conclusion, it’s clear that Utah has no answers for the Rockets’ offense.