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Bet on NBA Finals: Cavs Hoping for Redemption in Game 3

If you bet on NBA games, these finals have been going rather both expected and unexpected. Let’s say before the series began that you knew that the Cavaliers were going to be able to somehow contain both Steph and Klay, you’d probably be a fool if you didn’t lay some action on the Cavs, right? WRONG! While both Splash brothers haven contributed much through out game 1 and 2, the rest of the Warriors team has been torching the Cavs. Whenever Curry or Thompson have been relatively lukewarm, Draymond Green (Game 2) and Shaun Livingston (Game 1) stepped up and became the deciding factor. That and the fact that LeBron really was not playing all that well.

As the series move to Cleveland, not all hope is lost for the Cavaliers; after all they opened up and remained for the first hours as the slight favorites to win game 3. They remain undefeated at home during this post season (7-0) and for all NBA betting purposes, they have a pretty good chance at Game 3. After all, they manage to get rolling when playing in front of their hometown fans. As the bets will begin to pour in the line could shift on Cleveland’s favor. So if you bet on NBA games, you might want to hold out for close to game time to place your wager.

At the time of writing this article, the line is:

Warriors +1½ (-110) 206 (-110)
Cavaliers -1½ (-110) 206 (-110)

This Wednesday, the Cavaliers will want NEED to pull one back to get back on track and be close to evening out the series and get another shot at Oracle Arena. Just one loss in Cleveland could spell disaster. And, if that wasn’t enough, another worry that probably is weighing heavy on their minds is the possibility of not counting on Kevin Love for game 3, as the Power Forward was put on the NBA Concussion Protocol after receiving an accidental elbow to the head on game two and being taken out of the game after experiencing dizziness. Love might not be contributing as much to the Cavaliers as one might expect, but his absence could really put their depth to strenuous testing when facing a team so put together as the Warriors.

Let’s examine the possibilities. If the Cavaliers lose on Wednesday, then the series is over. The Warriors will sweep them on the game 4. It is a harsh truth, but if you bet on NBA games constantly and follow the league you will know that mental strength in moments of adversity, is not necessarily one of the Cavs strong suits. Should the Cavs win Game 3 or 4, the series will over on game 5. Golden State is not going to waste the opportunity of clinching the NBA Title at home. But, if the Cavs even out the series 2-2, then we might see a boost in their confidence AND they will put the pressure back on the Warriors for Game 5. It is up to them, and most importantly, it is up to LeBron James to finally make an impact this series.