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Bet on NBA: This Time Lightning might follow Thunder

After one of the most memorable NBA finals fans and online sportsbook users everywhere are ecstatic for the 2017 season. With the offseason already on its way there is one name on everyone’s mind. Kevin Durant. With the increase in salary cap, all from the NBA’s auspicious new TV deal, nearly every team has sufficient money to throw around. While money might not be the very first thing at the top of Durant’s list, winning a championship is. This puts a damper on teams like the Rockets or the Wizards, and heightens the competition that top tier teams will face in trying to acquire this asset. Duran has already announced that he’ll only meet with the Thunder, Warriors, Spurs, Celtics, Clippers, and Heat. Each of these teams will be vying for Durant, mostly due to the fact that he’s a franchise-altering talent, and also to ensure that other teams do not get him. Ultimately, his decision will have a tremendous impact on the 2017 NBA season. Online sportsbook users have to heed Durant’s decision and bet on NBA accordingly.

First and foremost Durant must decide whether or not to resign with Oklahoma. The Thunder plans to sit down with him to see what they can offer him. The Thunder won the Northwest Division last season, after coming short the previous season. However, they were eliminated by the Golden State Warriors in seven games. Fresh off this defeat Durant might be looking to join the team that beat him.

Another promising team is the San Antonio Spurs. This is the team that Durant beat in the Conference Semifinals, and it would be surprising if he decided to take this route. The Spurs have both talent and leadership under veteran Tim Duncan, but Durant might be looking for more. While the Spurs offer a legitimate chance at an immediate championship, Durant might also be interested in the future of the franchise.

The Celtics, Clippers, and Heat all have a legitimate chance at snagging Durant, but most people would agree that Durant will head elsewhere. The Clippers were eliminated in the first round, which doesn’t show too much promise for a championship. The Celtics once again did not make it out of the first round. The Heat made it to the Conference Semifinals, but haven’t been the contender they were since LeBron left. If Durant is truly after a championship, then these three are not serious contenders.

Last but not least the Warriors are expecting to meet Durant, and they plan to bring along Curry and Thompson along for the meet. If the Warriors were to acquire Durant they would need to give up some space within the salary cap. However, if they were to acquire Durant they might be able to do in 2017 what they couldn’t in 2016. After the heartbreaking loss of failing to capitalize on a record setting season nothing would raise the spirits of Warriors’ fans more than the acquisition of this talent. We’ve seen what a trio of talent can do in Miami, and adding Durant to this team might just make them unbeatable. Just this once, lightning might follow thunder.