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Bet NBA Playoffs Round 2 and Game 7 at BetNow

Bet NBA Playoffs Round 2: What a first round of the NBA playoffs it’s been! Yes, it’s almost over. Yes, some of the series are already over and Round 2 has begun. But, there’s still a Game 7 on the horizon. No matter what you want to bet on the NBA playoffs, you can bet it here at BetNow. From the East to the West, no matter what’s going on, you can bet it the way you want to bet here. 

When we say “how you want to bet it,” we mean in terms of the lines, the point spreads, the over/under, as well as the odds, betting by quarters, and more. You can bet at BetNow in a manner you feel is going to make you money. You have plenty of chances to win throughout the game here at BetNow. 

Bet NBA Game 7 at BetNow

There’s nothing like Game 7. There’s nowhere past Game 7. Game 7 is a world unto itself. The way the rest of the series goes won’t be remembered nearly as much as Game 7. Game 7 itself is a legacy, of the players, of the series, of the battle between these two teams. And the one Game 7 we have in the first round looks to be a good one. 

Not many folks gave the Sacramento Kings a chance against the Warriors Game 6. After all, it was back on the Warriors’ court, they had just won Game 5 in Sacramento, and that sure seemed like that would be that. However, a funny thing happened on the way to Sacramento losing the series – they didn’t. In fact, they won. Convincingly, too – as they won by 19 points. 

That sets up a Game 7, winner take all, back in Sacramento on Sunday afternoon. Who do you have in that one? Does the Warriors’ greatness rise up yet again, to carry the day? Or, is it a new day in the West, and the Kings are here to Light the Beam yet again? Our handicappers have the Warriors as a one point favorite, but we have it in a shootout, with an over/under of 229. What do you think is going to happen? 

Bet Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs at BetNow 

You don’t have to wait till Sunday for more NBA action. The NBA will start a whole new round while some teams are still playing Game 7 in the previous round. Case in point: the other series in the West. The Denver Nuggets will host the Phoenix Suns in what looks like a good one.

What do you think is going to happen in this one? The Nuggets have the top seed and plenty of momentum, yet the Suns tore through the West not all that long ago. Our handicappers think the Nuggets hold serve in Game 1. We have them favored by three, which really isn’t all that much. By that same token, we have the over/under at 226, so we expect high scoring. 

That’s not the only game of the second round that will start this weekend. In the East, the Miami Heat travel north to Madison Square Garden to take on the Knicks. What do you think is going to happen here? The Miami Heat are one of those teams, even when it seems like they may not have their best squad, they’re always a force, always around it. 

The Knicks, on the other hand, may be back. After years of NY basketball fans suffering through some rough teams, this one looks pretty good. How do you see Game 1 going? Our handicappers have the Knicks as 4.5 point favorites in a low scoring, defensive game, with an over/under of 208. 

Bet NHL Playoffs, Too 

In fact, you can bet on so many other sports here at BetNow. For example, as the NFL Draft wraps up, plenty of folks are fired up about how their team picked, so they want to bet on NFL Futures right now. Those can give you some good odds, especially if you have a feeling how one team is going to do this upcoming season. You can bet it all at BetNow!