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Bet NBA Playoffs at BetNow – Round 2 and Beyond

Bet NBA Playoffs at BetNow: Are you looking for somewhere to make the biggest bets on Round 2? Do you want to be able to win throughout the playoffs? Here at BetNow, you can bet NBA playoffs in round 2, 3, and the Finals. You can bet on all of the games as they happen here. When we say “as they happen,” we mean it – with real time betting, you can bet in more ways than ever before. Through our site, you can bet how and when you would like. 

We’re down to the final eight teams of the NBA season. One of them, one of these eight teams will be the champion. That said, you can win throughout the playoffs if you keep betting on the winners right now. Whether you’re betting the point spread, the odds, the money line, or any of the prop bets, you can win throughout the NBA playoffs. 

Bet NBA Playoffs in Eastern Conference 

The Eastern conference playoffs is basically a “rise of the traditional powers.” These are the teams that were good decades ago, that your parents and grandparents told you about. Now, they’re back again, each with a real chance to win the championship. 

Speaking of ancient rivalries, round two involves the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia Sixers. This is a rivalry that goes back quite, quite far. As of this writing, the series is tied at one but the Celtics are ahead late in the 3rd quarter. That said, they’re only ahead by seven points, which is not just one shot, obviously, but it’s the kind of lead that the Sixers can erase in front of their home fans on Broad Street. 

How do you feel about this series? The Celtics obviously have home court, so they had the better record throughout the regular season. But, the Sixers have the MVP. After many years of pushing but never quite getting over the hump (not against teams like the Bucks, Heat, and others) they feel like this very well could be their year. What do you think is going to happen? 

The other series in the East involves the resurgence Knicks and the Miami Heat. Stars come and go, but the Heat are consistently a good team, always a tough out in the playoffs. After each team winning a game at the Garden, the series shifts to South Florida for Game 3. How do you see this series going? Will the Knicks go back to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in a generation? Or, will the Heat do what they do and just keep rolling? 

Betting the Western Conference in Round 2 and Later 

In the West, it’s a battle of new powers and old. If you ask the layperson who never watches the NBA (except maybe on Christmas) to name two teams, the odds are good that they could name the LA Lakers and the Warriors. There are many who see this series as the true NBA Finals. (Obviously, the other teams are going to have something to say about that.) 

In this titan matchup of all time greats, with LeBron against Steph, what do you think is going to happen? As of this writing, the series is tied at one, headed back to Hollywood. The Warriors have to be a favorite, obviously – after all, they’re the Warriors, They have home court. The Lakers (literally) snuck into the playoffs. 

But… It is LeBron. It is the Lakers. This might be his last best shot at another ring. Can the Lakers pull it off? Or do the Dubs move on? 

The other series in the West shows how good some teams have become in the last few years. The Nuggets, the number one seed in the West for a variety of reasons, are up two games to none headed to the Valley of the Sun to take on Phoenix. Will the Nuggets sweep? Or will the Suns pull it out? 

You can bet all of these NBA games and more here at BetNow.