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Best 4 Teams Through First 4 Weeks

The NBA season is starting to pick up speed and just like last season, this year is shaping up to be full of surprises. Like the Golden State Warriors already having 2 losses on their record, or the Los Angeles Clippers surprising start to the season, or even Dwayne Wade draining 3s like it’s no big deal in his hometown. People may have mixed feelings about certain things we’ve seen but one thing is for sure; not even the NBA betting odds can predict how this year will turn out. Even though the season has just started, we’ve already seen enough basketball to make up our minds about the NBA’s power rankings. Some may not agree with the order, but disagreements are what make power rankings fun, and at the very least it’s a decent, entertaining way of seeing how teams are faring so far this season. It also gives fans some insights as to which teams could be a part of the NBA Finals odds. So, let’s take a look at the strongest teams in the NBA through the first 4 weeks of the season.

1.Cleveland Cavaliers

Is it really surprising to see the reigning NBA champions at the top of the power rankings? Although the Cavs seemed a little down when they lost their unbeaten record for the season, but things got back on track when LeBron James became the youngest player to break the 27,000 point mark. The Cavs may be one of the oldest teams in the league, but their letting their age translate into experience instead of fatigue. All things considered, Cleveland is looking great on the court and their confidence couldn’t be higher, evident by their recent trip to the White House.

2.Los Angeles Clippers

Although the NBA betting odds would likely place the Warriors here, Los Angeles’ incredibly astonishing run through the first couple games of the season is undeniable. Which is a huge turnaround from the team we saw lose so many road games last season. This year marks the first time the Clippers started a season with a 9-1 record and their basketball has been so impressive that the rest of the league has had to pay notice.

3.Golden State Warriors

Obviously you can’t put the team pegged as the favorite by the NBA betting odds any lower than this place. The Warriors already have losses this season, one more and they’re dangerously close to losing more games than they did in 2015, despite the offseason addition of Durant. The Warriors have looked great this season, just not as great as we expected.

4.Toronto Raptors

Everyone knew that DeMar DeRozan was a star, but spending a summer with Team USA has had a drastic impact on DeRozan’s talents, taking them to new levels. Not only is he leading the league in scoring, he’s the first player to drop 30 points in the first 8 of nine games of the season since the GOAT did it back in 1986. Some might think this is a little high for Toronto but in the NBA one player can make that big of a difference.