Basketball Betting Sites Mulch over 2017 Draft

Posted by: Charlie Smith
NBA Draft Betting 2017

The online NBA betting draft was held this past Thursday. Amidst stories regarding the reaction from fans, the latest signings and trades, there LaVar Ball stood out like a sore thumb, or rather a sore winner.

Lonzo Ball was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers, just like every basketball betting site on the planet was predicting. Shortly after the commissioner made the announcement, the camera panned to Lonzo’s father, who could be seen grinning a smile that had more in common with gloating than with pride.  LaVar’s antics have put a bigger target on Ball’s shoulders than the Warriors have on theirs: kudos to the Lakers for selecting a player with such heavy baggage.

While LaVar promised that Lonzo will lead LA to the playoffs, the rest of the sportsbook community isn’t so certain. Let’s look over at the rest of the online NBA betting selections that were made this Thursday.

No. 1 – Philadelphia 76ers

Markelle Fultz – PG – Washington

No. 2 – Los Angeles Lakers

Lonzo Ball – PG – UCLA

No. 3 – Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum – SF – Duke

No. 4 – Phoenix Suns

Josh Jackson – SF – Kansas

No. 5 – Sacramento Kings

De’Aaron Fox – PG – Kentucky

No. 6 – Orlando Magic

Jonathan Isaac – F – Florida State

No. 7 – Chicago Bulls

Lauri Markkanen – PF – Arizona

No. 8 – New York Knicks

Frank Ntilikina – PG – Strasbourg

No. 9 – Dallas Mavericks

Dennis Smith – PG – NC State

No. 10 – Portland Trail Blazers

Zach Collins – PF/C – Gonzaga

No. 11 – New Orleans Hornets

Malik Monk – SG – Kentucky

No. 12 – Detroit Pistons

Luke Kennard – SG – Duke

No. 13 – Utah Jazz

Donovan Mitchell – SG – Louisville

No. 14 – Miami Heat

Bam Adebayo – C – Kentucky

No. 15 – Sacramento Kings

Justin Jackson – SF – North Carolina

No. 16 – Chicago Bulls

Justin Patton – C – Creighton

No. 17 – Milwaukee Bucks

DJ Wilson – PF – Michigan

No. 18 – Indiana Pacers

TJ Leaf – PF – UCLA

No. 19 – Atlanta Hawks

John Collins – PF – Wake Forest

No. 20 – Sacramento Kings

Harry Giles – C – Duke

No. 21 – Oklahoma City Thunder

Terrance Ferguson – SG/SF – Adelaide

No. 22 – Brooklyn Nets

Jarrett Allen – C – Texas

No. 23 – Toronto Raptors

OG Anunoby – F – Indiana

No. 24 – Denver Nuggets

Tyler Lydon – F – Syracuse

No. 25 – Philadelphia 76ers

Anzejs Pasecniks – C – Gran Canaria (International)  

No. 26 – Portland Trail Blazers

Caleb Swanigan – PF/C – Purdue

No. 27 – Los Angeles Lakers

Kyle Kuzma – PF – Utah

No. 28 – Utah Jazz

Tony Bradley – C – North Carolina

No. 29 – San Antonio Spurs

Derrick White – G – Colorado

No. 30 – Los Angeles Lakers

Josh Hart – SG – Villanova

The biggest online NBA betting winners of the draft were the Lakers and the 76ers. The Phillies let the world know that they were going to stink on purpose, in order to have a better shot at snagging some top level talent. That more than paid off as their pick bring Philadelphia one step closer to the playoffs.

The Lakers are winners for snagging Lonzo Ball. Ball will make an impact on the team, and his star-power will help Los Angeles bring in some talent during free agency. But at the same time, Los Angeles is losing a bit due to having to bring Lavar on board.

The biggest losers of the night are the New York Knicks. Phil Jackson may be a legendary head coach, but his ego is getting in the way of his decision making as a GM. Jackson’s insistence on running a triangle offense is severely affecting his foresight. Instead of grabbing a guaranteed talent like Malik Monk, Jackson decided to pick Frank Ntilikina 8th overall.

Drafting an unproven Frenchman is a bold move. However, it shows a deep flaw in Jackson’s logic. Instead of putting his team in a position to win, it appears that Jackson is looking to rebuild. However, that’s something he was trying to do 4 years ago. It’s almost like he’s caught a bad case of samsara, constantly finding himself in losing situations.

At the end of the day, Jackson picked Ntilikina because he felt like he would be a good fit for his outdated, archaic, triangle offense. Not the type of choice winners make.