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NBA betting is not only the easiest thing to do but it is also the least exploitable sport. If you manage to find a basketball betting pattern – sort of what basketball players call the “sweet spot” – you might just be able to corner the market. But in order to do that you must show a deep appreciation of the sport itself – which isn’t hard to do; the best athletes in the world play basketball. When you watch every game, you get to really know which teams and which players are good for offense, which are good for defense, and which are good for both.

Building a predictive model for NBA betting requires creating a database of statistics. That takes watching a lot of games – hundreds per season, or at the very least one or two quarters of most games. That’s not an easy task, especially if you have money riding on the games. For most gamblers, the outcome of the game or the excitement and drama of a great game is secondary. It can be a nerve-wracking grind. But truly savvy bettors learn much more when they are watching a game in which they have action going on – and this is what gives them such an accurate understanding of the game.

As a matter of fact, making the most of the opportunity to learn – and at the same time, to make money – from each and every game should be a rule of thumb for all self-respecting NBA betting gamblers. You have to watch the games not so much as a fan but with the goal of gaining an understanding of what is going on beyond the surface – reading between the lines, as it were. For example, paying more attention to what’s happening away from the ball, especially when it comes to defense. The best gamblers try to predict what a coach would do, as opposed to what they could, or should do.

Make no mistake; luck plays a major role in NBA betting. But like in real life, you have got to make sound decisions in order to make the most of the opportunities that luck gives you. Take the NBA, for instance; the best teams adapt and the not-so-good teams don’t. And adapting to those changes is what good coaches do – and it is the reason that poor coaching decisions affect a game as much as good decisions. Even the coaches who trust their players or point guards to call games have done their homework preparing their teams and assembling a playbook. It’s just not enough to have a LeBron James on the roster.

Whatever your style of NBA betting is – whether you lay your strategy in advance or like to take chances – BetNow provides you with a wide variety of opportunities for betting on NBA games. You may be a full-game or a half-time kind of guy, but what doesn’t change is that we make it simple for you to place your bets and win some money.