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The NBA is hugely popular and has been for quite some time now. However, there’s no denying that the league is doing a great job of keeping the NBA’s stature steadily growing. Naturally, NBA betting online has been taken off, giving basketball fans plenty of opportunities to find value by wagering on their favorite sport. So what are the ins and outs of online basketball betting? Let’s take a sportsbook look down below.

The Ins-and-Outs of Online NBA Betting

The NBA Season

The 2020-21 NBA season is the next season fans should be worrying about. All in all, is the 75th season the NBA has put together. Regular season play will commence on October 22nd (2019) and will continue up until April 15th of the following year. Afterwards postseason play will begin leading up to the NBA Finals in June. The season consists of 30 different teams competing in an 82-game schedule. The 30 teams are split into two conferences with the top 8 from each getting a spot in the playoffs.

The NBA Finals

The NBA Finals represent the annual championship series for the NBA between the Eastern and Western Conferences. The Finals come after the NBA playoffs and like the playoffs are a best-of-seven elimination series. The playoffs features 16 teams (8 from each conference) competing in a 4-round tournament culminating in the NBA Finals. The first round represents the conference quarterfinals while the penultimate round is the conference finals.

Of the two teams that meet in the NBA Finals, the one with the better record will earn home field advantage for the Finals. This means that of the 7 games, four of them will be played in their home court. A total of 19 franchises have won the NBA Finals with the Raptors joining that bunch in 2019. The Celtics hold the most titles with 17 as well as the record for most consecutive championships as they won 8 straight from 1959-1966. However, the Lakers have the most Finals appearances as they’ve made it their 31 times.

Types of NBA Basketball Betting Lines

When betting on NBA games, the most common types of betting lines consist of the money line, the spread, and the over/under. Below we’ll be breaking these down individually but first we’ll be taking a look at a common NBA basketball betting line. The line starts on the left with the name of the team followed by the spread, the over/under and lastly, the money line.

Pelicans +5½ (-110) 227 (-110) +190
Raptors -5½ (-110) 227 (-110) -230

NBA Money Line Betting

Betting on the money line is fairly straightforward. Here you are simply betting on one team to beat another. Using the example above, we can see that the Raptors are -230 favorites on the money line. Generally this line starts at -110 and will continue to rise if a team is heavily favored. At -230 odds, it’s safe to say the bookmakers are fully anticipating a Raptors win over the Pelicans. So for -230 odds, you would have to bet $230 in order to be eligible for $100 in winnings. In short, a $230 winning bet on Toronto would net you a total of $330 back.

On the other hand, the odds are a bit more lucrative when taking the underdog. We can see above that the Pelicans are facing +190 odds on the money line. This means that a $100 winning bet on New Orleans would net you $290 back in winnings. Albeit, the Pelicans would have to pull off the upset.

Betting NBA Spread

The spread is a little more complicated than betting straight up but it’s nothing out of this world. When you bet on the spread you aren’t betting on a team to win necessarily but rather to beat the spread. So how does a team beat the spread?

Sticking to the example above, we can see that the Raptors are -5 ½ point favorites against the spread. This means that they have to beat the Pelicans by more than 5 ½ points in order to cover the spread. Below we’ll be taking a look at some examples so you can get a better understanding of what this means.

On the other hand, we can see that the Pelicans are +5 ½ underdogs against the spread. This means that they need to either beat Toronto or avoid losing by more than 5 ½ points in order to cover the spread.

Toronto wins 100-90 || Here the Raptors won by 10-points so they covered the 5 ½ point spread.

Toronto wins 100-95 || Here the Raptors won by 5-points so they did not cover the 5 ½ point spread.

Pelicans win 98-99 || Here the Pelicans avoided losing altogether so they covered the spread.

Betting NBA TOTALs

When you bet on the TOTALs you are betting on the total number of points that will be scored in the game. Obviously this is calculated by taking the points one team scored and adding it to the amount the other team scored. This line is also called the over/under because you are betting that the score will either go over or under on the figure. Above this line is set at 227 points. If you believe that more than 227-points will be scored in this matchup, you would bet on the over. If on the other hand, you believe that less than 227 points will be scored in this contest, you would then bet on the under. The vig is the same for both lines but they can differ sometimes. The over is always the line on top and the under is always the line on the bottom.

NBA Parlays, NBA Teasers, & NBA Live Betting

Below we’ll be covering other options that are available to NBA betting fans. This include NBA parlays, NBA teasers and live betting on NBA games. Parlays and teasers are a bit more complicated than the NBA betting action we covered above. However, they offer opportunities for betting veterans to rack up a ton of value. Teasers let you play around with a spread line to help stack it in your favor while parlays allow you to make predictions on multiple games in order to increase your payout.

NBA Parlays

Simply put, a parlay is multiple bets turned into one. You could have a 5-team parlay where you make straight up picks across 5 different NBA games. Instead of placing action on each one individually, you can group the bets into one to have a massive payout. Of course, you would need to be right in all 5 games in order for the parlay to be a winning one. Nevertheless, parlays allow you to rack up tons of value by bundling games you feel confident about into one. Certain NBA matchups feature extremely lopsided odds on the money line. You can sweeten the deal by making a parlay on these types of games.

NBA Props

Props generally aren’t available until the end of the season and are quirkier bets than can be made. These can be on a variety of things such as which team will score first, which player will win MVP in the finals or which player will score more points in Game 3. The odds vary from each line and there are usually a ton of different prop bets to choose from. These are more luck oriented but can also offer a strategic advantage.

NBA Teasers

Teasers allow you to buy points off of a spread line but in exchange you have to make predictions across at least two games. In the example above, you could buy 5-points off of the spread line, essentially converting it into a pick ‘em line or a money line. This makes it much easier for your prediction to come true. However, you would have to make another prediction on a different spread line. Albeit you would be able to play around with that spread line as well, stacking the odds in your favor.

Teasers allow you to play with the spread line but force you to make predictions on 2 or more games. Additionally, the payouts on these types of bets aren’t amazing because of the likelihood of your prediction coming true. However, you can make it even more alluring by simply adding more teams to your teaser. The more teams you add the harder it is for your prediction to come true, which means an even sweeter deal in the end.

NBA Live Betting

Live betting represents the absolute best of online NBA betting. Here you are allowed to make bets on a game as it unfolds! Needless to say this offers up to the minute odds on all your favorite games. The action can change at a moment’s notice so every second is crucial. This is arguably the most exhilarating action available so make sure to check it out when you get a chance.

NBA Futures Betting

Futures betting is fairly straightforward as well. Here you are allowed to make predictions on who will win the NBA Finals or even the conferences way out in advance. Naturally the further out you are the more lucrative the odds can be. Below we’ll be taking a look at the NBA futures betting odds.