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5 Reasons Warriors Will Become Sportsbook Avengers

Posted by: Mike Davis
Game 1 – Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors Odds NBA Finals – Thursday, June 1st

After witnessing such a historic comeback in last year’s sportsbook NBA Finals, players who bet on NBA were certain that nothing could surpass Cleveland’s 3-1 resurgence over the Warriors. However, this year’s finale promises to be even more significant. Golden State managed, much like they did last year, to add an NBA record to the franchise’s already long list of accomplishment by becoming the first team in NBA history to post an undefeated record in the postseason. The Cavaliers were not far behind, only suffering one loss on their road to the NBA Finals.

Game 1 – Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors – Thursday, June 1st

When: 9:00 pm ET

Where: Oracle Arena, Oakland

Series: First of Best of Seven


Stream: ABC Live

NBA Sportsbook Odds:

Cleveland Cavaliers +7 (-110)          226 (-110)       +260

Golden State Warriors -7 (-110)      226 (-110)       -320

Last season, the Warriors set the NBA record most wins in a single season. Unfortunately, their snuff in the NBA Finals meant that few would remember this hallmark feat. Now Golden State enters the title series on similar footing; setting a league record but having to face Cleveland for the title. Can King James slay the sportsbook odds once again? Or will the addition of Kevin Durant prove to be too much for the veteran? Here are 5 reasons why the Warriors will become Avengers in this year’s NBA Finals.

No. 5 – Championship Defense

Defenses are what set teams apart in the playoffs and it’s one of the primal reasons that Golden State posted an undefeated record thus far in the playoffs. During the regular season the Warriors were second in the league in defensive efficiency, first in opponent effective field goal percentage, and eighth in defensive turnovers.

No. 4 – The Best Defense…

The best defense is a good offense is a saying for a reason, and Golden State excels in that as well. The Warriors are average in turnovers, rebounds, and free throws. But what the Warriors do better than anyone else is shoot the ball. Stephen Curry is arguably the most prolific shooter who has ever walked the face of the earth, and Klay Thompson isn’t that far behind from Curry. Throw in Kevin Durant’s ability to score from anywhere, on anyone, and you’ve got yourself an unstoppable force. And don’t forget about Draymond Green, an incredible passer who has a knack for draining three-pointers.

No. 3 – Healthy As A horse

One of the major hindrances the Warriors suffered during last year’s NBA sports betting Finals was injuries, as well as some penalties. We can’t divine how the refs will call the Finals, but we can be certain that the Warriors are coming into this year’s title matchup much healthier than last year.

No. 2 – Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant may be one of the few changes Golden State has made, compared to last year’s squad. But the fact that Durant is an incredible player from top-to-bottom means he’s really the only change they needed. Durant’s size and abilities give him an instant matchup over most of the players in the league, and he’s not someone you’d want to isolate. But you can’t double-up on him either because the Warriors offense just has too many playmakers.

No. 1 – Last Year’s Finals 

Although they might not talk about it publicly, there’s little doubt that Golden State is fired up over the humiliation they suffered last season. But the Warriors are not the same team, not by a long measure. In addition to Durant, this team has grown and improved. They’ve been merciless so far in the playoffs and sportsbook fans shouldn’t expect anything less in the Finals.