5 Online NBA Betting Predictions for This Year’s Draft

Posted by: Charlie Smith
NBA Betting Predictions for 2017 Draft

The 2017 online NBA betting draft will be held this Thursday, forcing sports wagering fans to shift their attention towards the National Basketball Association – despite the fact that we’re in the offseason.

This year’s NBA draft has surprisingly caused a lot of noise. From Lavar Ball’s father going across the nation to build the hype for his son, to the developing storylines involving Cleveland and what many expect to be LeBron James’ unavoidable departure – which could very well be hastened or delayed by how the Cavaliers perform in the draft.

This year, much like every other, has a lot of uncertainty in the draft. Since the 1st rounders will have a direct impact on the NBA odds, it is up to every sportsbook player to keep an open eye on how the draft shapes up. To help players know what they can expect, here are 5 online NBA betting draft predictions you can be certain of.

No. 5 – Regret at the End of the Road for Boston

Sometimes over thinking things can cause you to make a mistake and no one knows this better than Danny Ainge, general manager for the Celtics. Ainge has such a pitiful track record that some sports wagering fans feel like the best thing he could do is simply trade it.

This year, Boston did do some trading. The Celtics traded down with the Lakers, giving Los Angeles a better chance to snag the player they wanted. Many sports analysts were praising the Celtics. Not only did they get the Laker’s 1st round pick next year, Boston could very well still end up with the player they want; some think that will be Jayson Tatum, others Josh Jackson. Whatever the case, Ainge’s involvement does that bode well for Boston.

No. 4 – Phil Jackson Will Make a Great Pick, only to Ruin It

Like Ainge, Phil Jackson has a pretty atrocious track record. Jackson has soiled New York’s relationship with Melo, did the same to Kristaps Porzingis, and his insistence on implementing the triangle offense has not done much in today’s NBA.

The problem with Jackson is the antithesis of Ainge’s. Whereas Ainge’s picks end up being busts, Jackson’s end up being formidable athletes. The only problem is that while Jackson is great at picking tremendous talent, he’s even better at ruining the chances of that player staying in New York. While online NBA betting players can’t be certain of who Jackson will pick, bettors can be certain that Jackson won’t be in New York for too much longer.

No. 3 – Expect Greatness

While there are only 2 or 3 players that can be listed as game-changers, there is a surprising amount of potential in this year’s draft. Take a team like the Golden State Warriors, who were able to turn late draft picks into All-Stars. The players entering this year’s draft have that sort of luster.

No. 2 – Harry Giles will Get Snatched Early

Harry Giles fits the perfect description of the third point on this list. A few years back, Giles was thought of as the No. 1 up-and-comer in the nation. Unfortunately, a couple of injuries in high school and college forced the scouts to shift their focus elsewhere. Right now, most mock drafts have Giles chosen as No. 30th overall or No. 22nd as the earliest.

However, despite the hindrance from his injuries, Giles has the potential to develop into one of the best players in the NBA. Several GMs understand that, and sportsbook players can be certain that Giles will be snagged up earlier than later.

No. 1 – Lakers Will Not Pass on Ball

This is not much of a prediction. After Los Angeles traded up in the draft, the entire nation felt that they were going to make a move on Ball. However, some online NBA betting players are convinced that Ball will be the best player from this class. But is that the case?

A lot of Ball’s criticism comes from his performance in the March Madness tournament. Pegged against De’Aaron Fox – another superstar entering the draft, Ball was unable to make an impact on the outcome of the game. This has led many to cast doubts on Ball’s skills.

Overall, Ball is a solid player. He has the defensive abilities to make an impact on both sides of the court, and his handling is good enough for him to attack the rim on just about anybody. The only part of Ball’s game that can be scrutinized is his jump shot, which is one of the oddest we’ve seen in recent years. However, Ball’s obscure motion doesn’t have much of an impact on his shots, as his shooting percentage is more than adequate.

The only problem is that people feel that that shot won’t bode well in the NBA. But if that’s really the case, a little bit of coaching can have Ball shooting properly in no time.