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2020 NBA Draft: Best Bets, Odds and Trade Rumors

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2020 NBA Draft Best Bets Odds and Trade Rumors

The 2020 NBA draft picks have finally arrived and there has been a list of players that could top the list. NBA Betting has been successful this year despite several struggles. Bettors have been able to place their best bets on their favorite teams with every piece of information in place. Next season is expected to be better with this year’s top potential draft picks. Teams have been rounding out their rosters and some big names topped the chart.

Anthony Edwards leads LaMelo Ball

Anthony Edwards was considered as the favorite No. 1 draft pick, especially after several websites chose him over LaMelo Ball. However, there has been a race between these two talented players. Edwards has been recognized as a much-needed guard from Georgia and was priced at -215. Ball, later on, took the lead to the top with -115 this week. Yet, Edwards raced again to -106 and is considered as the No. 1 potential pick in 2020.

Golden State Warriors Pick James Wiseman

The Golden State Warriors decided to acquire James Wiseman and they picked the 19-year-old player in the 2020 NBA Draft. The Warriors had several other options, but they chose to pick Wiseman with the second overall pick. Despite their pick, there have been several rumors that Wiseman might be traded from the Warriors along with other players. The off-season is the right time to experiment and the Warriors have plenty of time to decide on keeping Wiseman or trading him.

Golden State Warriors are regaining all their potential players for their 2021 season. The Warriors could turn out to be promising in 2021, especially after Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson returning from their injury. Both players are making good progress and that has already shaped the Warriors for a better year. Thompson has suffered a terrible injury and that has affected Golden State in several aspects.

Boston Celtics Trade Rumors

The Boston Celtics have been surrounded around trade rumors after the NBA 2020 Draft. It turns out that the Celtics might postpone their deadline for Gordon Hayward. Rumors are that the Celtics might extend Hayward in order to try out other possibilities. Hayward struggled with injuries that have affected his performance. On the other hand, there might be other teams that are interested in acquiring Hayward. Indiana Pacers might be involved in trade talks, but nothing has been confirmed at present.

Philadelphia’s Interest in Zach LaVine

It’s not only the Celtics that are speculating with trade rumors as the Philadelphia 76ers are also involved in such talks. Philadelphia seems to be in need of shooting guards and Zack LaVine might just land upon their franchise. However, the Bulls need to trade the 25-year-old player and that will certainly come with a price. New head coach Doc Rivers and new General Manager Daryl Morey will need to decide on their available options for Philadelphia.