2019 NBA Finals Betting Preview for Sportsbook Newcomers

Posted by: Mike Davis
2019 NBA Finals Betting Preview

Well the Toronto Raptors were able to take care of the Milwaukee Bucks and have been rewarded with a best-of-7 series, colloquially referred to as the 2019 NBA Finals, against the Golden State Warriors. The online NBA betting odds are out for this championship series and the Warriors have emerged as the favorites, unsurprisingly. Naturally, NBA sports betting fans will want a rundown of this series as well as some insight into what the best bets to make are. So we present our 2019 NBA Finals betting preview to bring bettors up to speed.

2019 NBA Finals – Thursday, May 30th – TBD     

When: Game 1 kicks off at 9 pm ET

Where: Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada & Oracle Arena, Oakland, California


Stream: ABC Sports, NBA League Pass

2019 NBA Finals Betting Schedule

  • Game 1: Thursday, May 30, Golden State at Toronto | 9 pm ET
  • Game 2: Sunday, June 2, Golden State at Toronto | 8 pm ET
  • Gam 3: Wednesday, June 5, Toronto at Golden State | 9 pm ET
  • Gam 4: Friday, June 7, Toronto at Golden State | 9 pm ET
  • *Gm. 5: Monday, June 10, Golden State at Toronto | 9 pm ET
  • *Gm. 6: Thursday, June 13, Toronto at Golden State | 9 pm ET
  • *Gm. 7: Sunday, June 16, Golden State at Toronto | 8 pm ET

As can be seen above, the NBA Finals will kick off in Toronto this Thursday. All in all this gives the Raptors a slight edge over the Warriors, as they’ll get more home court advantages if the series goes to 7. Additionally, they’ll get two home games to set the pace for this series. Nevertheless, the 2019 NBA Finals betting series odds are favoring the Warriors quite heavily.

2019 NBA Finals Betting – Series Wagers

If you find betting on this series on a game-by-game basis quite exhausting, you can opt to wager on the entire series instead. Series betting allows you to make some daring bets while capitalizing on some pretty lucrative odds. For example, had you taken the Toronto Raptors to win the Finals at the start of the season, you would’ve capitalized on some extremely lucrative +1400 odds. Comparatively, picking the Warriors at the start of the season would’ve come at -195 odds. Let’s take a look at how the odds are currently measuring up.

Warriors -290
Raptors +245
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As can be seen above, there is plenty of value to be had in making these early predictions. However, it’s important to jump on these odds as soon as possible as they’ll change drastically as the series develops. Below we’ll be covering other types of series betting options available to legal betting fans.

Series Score (Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors)

  • GSW 4-0 || +550
  • GSW 4-1 || +350
  • Golden State 4-2 || +250
  • Golden State 4-3 || +550
  • TOR 4-0 || +4000
  • TOR 4-1 || +1000
  • Toronto 4-2 || +800
  • Toronto 4-3 || +450

Series score betting is fairly straightforward. Here you are betting on how many games it will take the winning side to get the job done. Alternatively you can also wager on how many games this series will take.

2019 NBA Finals – How Many Games?

  • 4 Games +450
  • 5 Games +275
  • 6 Games +180
  • 7 Games +200
2019 NBA Finals Betting Picks

So which side should fans take in this Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors NBA Championship series? This one is definitely tough to call given how much talent both sides sport. Interestingly enough, the Raptors had slightly more success during the regular season and get home court here.

Will that end up deciding the series? It’s too early to tell. But if you had to pick this series today, the wisest decision would be to stick with Golden State. After all, they’re making their what, 5th straight Finals appearance? The Raptors on the other hand, are making their first ever appearance into this stage. And while Toronto has championship experience on their roster, it pares in comparison to what Golden State brings to the table. Sign up today to make your online betting prediction!

Series Prediction: Golden State 4-3.