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2018 NBA Offseason News for Eager NBA Sportsbook Players

Posted by: Mike Davis
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The 2018 NBA betting online offseason is in full swing, giving teams and players an opportunity to regroup and find success this upcoming season. Training camp is set to begin next month, brining online betting players one step closer to this anticipated season. To keep sportsbook bettors up to date, we’re mulching over the latest 2018 NBA offseason news. Right now most of the news around the league revolves around the Celtics battle for Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard’s plight to leave Toronto, and Boston’s announcement of their latest announcement. Let’s dive right in.

2018 NBA Offseason News

Boston’s War for Anthony Davis

Longtime NBA betting online players who have been following the Celtics know that Boston has had an eye on Anthony Davis since late 2016. And since DeMarcus Cousins is now with the Golden State Warriors, it’s safe to assume that Davis wants out of New Orleans. After all, he has to be fumed about the fact that the Pelicans can’t land, or even keep, a single NBA star. Since New Orleans will likely deliver mediocre results this upcoming season, Davis will be looking for an out. And since Boston is also looking to land him, this could be a match made in heaven.

Now that LeBron is out of the Eastern Conference, NBA betting online sites are anticipating that Boston will emerge as the new favorite in the conference. If Boston is able to trade for Anthony Davis, they should have no problems winning the East for the next several years to come. Right now it’s looking like Boston could very well lock up Davis for the 2019 season. However, if Cousins departs from the Warriors in 2019, Boston will have to beat out Golden State to land Davis.

Kawhi Leonard Displeased At Home Once More

The Spurs managed to tick off Kawhi Leonard and were unable to cool him off. After he requested a trade, it took San Antonio long enough to ship him over to Toronto. However, it’s pretty clear that Leonard is still not content. And that’s despite the fact that Toronto has been doing everything they can to make him feel welcome. For example, they brought in the Spurs’ Jeremy Castleberry. Nevertheless, Leonard is still  focused on getting to Los Angeles to play for either the Clippers or Lakers. Even though Castleberry is a longtime friend of Leonard, Kawhi is still looking to be LA-bound.

San Antonio might have put questions surrounding Leonard to rest by trading him to Toronto, but the questions have only stopped temporarily. Once we approach the 2019 offseason, expect this story to be reborn. It’s no mystery as to what Leonard wants: to be back home playing basketball in Los Angeles.

Celtics Latest Announcement

While this may not be the most thrilling 2018 NBA offseason news story, it might be the most relevant. Earlier this week, Boston announced that it had signed PJ Dozier. Dozier is coming off a season with the Oklahoma City Thunder and is hoping to have an impact on Boston’s playoff chances. He made a name for himself in the 2018 NBA Las Vegas Summer League, putting up 11 points per game and keeping a 52% shooting through 5 games. Players learning how to bet on NBA games should consider backing Boston all season long. Since King James is out of the East, they should be practically unchallenged in the conference.