Taking a Look at the 2018 NBA Free Agency

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
2018 NBA Free Agency betting preview and analysis

We may have just gotten done with the online NBA betting season, but that isn’t stopping sportsbook players from looking ahead to next year’s action. Particularly because the 2018 NBA free agency is right around the corner and it’s looking like a pretty big name will be hitting the market. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying LeBron James has a massive impact on the league. Ultimately, LeBron is good enough to get just about any team to the NBA Finals. Last year’s Cavaliers proved that perfectly. And with the latest talk making it perfectly clear that James will be foregoing his player option, the question now is: where will the King land?

2018 NBA Free Agency’s Biggest Question: Where will the King Land?

For those out of the loop, LeBron has the option to come back for another year with the Cavs and make a heap of money. In fact, under the NBA’s current rules, Cleveland can offer LeBron more money than any other franchise. However, most bettors are anticipating that money won’t play into LeBron’s decision. As it stands now, it’s looking like LeBron will be choosing between 3 likely destinations; Cleveland, Los Angeles, or an Eastern Conference contender – most likely Philadelphia. So which team is most likely to nab the most influential player in the league? Let’s take an NBA sports betting look.


While it’s not looking like James will be staying here, this is still a viable option for a man who loves his city. James took a ton of flak for his decision to leave Cleveland and join the Heat. Nevertheless, the big man made up for his decision by bringing home an online NBA betting championship trophy. The question now is, is that all the King wants for Cleveland? The last two seasons have made it abundantly clear that James will not be winning another title in the city, not with the way things are. So, will the love of Cleveland be enough to keep him there? Unlikely. Not when considering his relationship with the management.  And especially not when considering that he has 3 homes in LA.

Los Angeles

Most online NBA betting pundits would agree that Los Angeles is looking like a solid landing spot for James, and for several reasons. Those who know LeBron say that home and family are extremely important to the man. Therefore, having 3 homes in LA certainly would seem to suggest that the Los Angeles area feels rather cozy for LeBron. Moreover, recent news have made it pretty clear that LeBron is back to his ways; calling veterans from around the league in an effort to assemble a dream team. Supposedly, LeBron has his eye on Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Chris Paul. While Paul George didn’t find the success he was hoping for in OKC, the opposite is true for Chris Paul. In fact, it’s hard to imagine Paul not coming back to play for Houston next season.

That said, it’s extremely likely that Leonard plays elsewhere next season, since he’s not happy in San Antonio. However, San Antonio has some pretty good management and it seems foolish for them to trade a disgruntled star to a conference rival. So while LeBron might not get the dream team he wants, he will still be able to play with Lonzo. James loves some drama and he’ll be able to make plenty of that in Los Angeles. Ultimately it might take another veteran to get him there, but this is looking like the most likely outcome.


Philly made this list because it seems plausible but not likely. Ultimately LeBron knows he can take any Eastern Conference team to the NBA Finals. And while the Phillies are loaded with talent, LeBron might be looking for something else. In the end, players learning how to bet on NBA games will want to pay special attention to LeBron’s decision. Wherever he decides to play, his decision will have dire implications on next year’s futures odds.