Why 2017’s NBA Basketball Betting Finals will Be Different

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors Odds and Analisys on NBA Finals Game 1

The start of the NBA basketball betting finals is finally here. It took longer online sports betting sites would’ve liked, but the additional time has just added to the drama of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors’ third straight Finals showdown. Needless to say, players will get the opportunity to witness history this Thursday evening.

Game 1 – Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors – Thurs., June 1st

When: 9:00 pm ET

Where: Oracle Arena, Oakland

Series: First of Best of Seven


Stream: ABC Live

Sportsbook Lines:

Cleveland Cavaliers +7 (-110)          225 (-110)       +255

Golden State Warriors -7 (-110)      225 (-110)       -310

Seeing the same exact team compete for the title three years in a row might seem a little dull to some fans. However, this year’s NBA Finals is completely different than the one we’ve witnessed the last two years. Apart from the new players, new drama, and new storylines, there are several reasons why NBA basketball betting fans can expect something entirely new in this year’s Finals.

Will the Warriors Weep or Sweep?

One of the biggest things that set apart this year’s NBA Finals is Golden State’s ability to make postseason history. Granted, last year the Warriors had the opportunity to cap off the best single-season record in NBA History with an NBA title. Of course, Cleveland stopped them short. But now Golden State has the possibility of achieving something of even greater magnitude: posting an undefeated postseason record on their way to an NBA title.

Kevin Durant

Arguably the reason why Golden State has gone undefeated, Kevin Durant changes the Warriors’ landscape entirely. In addition to adding an entire new dimension to their offense, Durant’s presence makes Golden State unstoppable. The Warriors just have too many weapons. If you look to neutralize one, you leave the other wide open. Try to stop Durant from making a push to the rim and the Warrior’ shooters will punish you for 3.

Players are Healthy, Coaches not so much

Injuries played a crucial role in last year’s Finals right from the start. This time around, both Cleveland and Golden State are coming in with a clean bill of health. Well, at least their players are. Steve Kerr, Golden State’s head coach, suffered some complications from a 2015 surgery he had on his back, forcing him to sit out most of the Warriors’ postseason. Kerr is expected to join Golden State before the Finals conclude.

Green & Love’s Rising Confidence

Draymond Green and Kevin Love are phenomenal players that often don’t get their share of the spotlight due to being surrounded by such superstars (Green more than Love). However, the recent hot streaks both players have posted have forced NBA basketball betting fans to take heed. Green has brought his shooting to an entirely different level, one that mimics both Curry’s and Thompson’s ability. Likewise, Love has developed a staggering confidence that is as infectious as it is effective.