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World Series Turning Out Like NBA Finals

Online MLB betting fans are getting treated to a World Series that rivals the exhilaration of this year’s NBA Finals. After the Cleveland Indians took a 3-1 lead, fans’ confidence in their team began to falter, to the point where ticket prices began to dip heavily. But the Chicago Cubs were able to dig deep and find both the courage and resilience to come back from such a heavy deficit. On one hand you’ve got to be thrilled for the Cubs for putting on such an impressive showing, but on the other you have to feel a little sorry for the city of Cleveland. After seeing the Cleveland Cavaliers come back from a 3-1 deficit, they will now get to experience what Golden State fans felt just a couple months back. I’m not one to usually bring up Karma, but after seeing LeBron James throw shade at the Warriors at his recent Halloween party, there’s nothing but Karma and irony at the forefront of my mind.

The build up to Game 6 had been thrilling enough, but the way the Cubs took off last night makes it seem like they are destined for greatness. The final score was 9-3, which goes to show exactly how dominant Chicago was in Game 6. It’s going to be hard to top a grand slam, but the Cubs will do their best to put on a show for the online MLB betting community in Game 7.

Game 7 of the 2016 World Series will be held on Wednesday, November 2nd at Progressive Field. The game will begin at 8:08 PM EST and will once again be broadcast by Fox. Let’s check what kind of odds most baseball betting sites are putting together for the final game of this year’s World Series.

MLB Odds – World Series Game 7 – Wednesday, November 2nd

Chicago Cubs -1 ½ (+150) 7 (+115) -118
Cleveland Indians +1 ½ (-170) 7 (-135) +108

Just like with the other 6 games, the online MLB betting odds are siding with Chicago. The Cubs have put on a historic run and are unbearably close to snapping their 108-year World Series drought. It’s certainly true that Chicago deserves this World Series, but it’s equally true to say that the Cleveland Indians don’t deserve to win it. Not so much for anything that the players have done, but more so for what the organization represents – an unwillingness from the white populous to correct their errors, or more specifically, corporate organizations unwillingness to value human life, or culture, above profit.

The Indians were founded in 1901, a time in which Americans didn’t exactly value the life of others it deemed savages. The name of the organization itself is an incorrect nomenclature applied to the indigenous people of America, and the logo of Cleveland, Chief Wahoo, is the most blatant example of racism available in professional sports. Generally speaking, it is not morally correct to ignore racism, but this fact is more relevant with the current protests happening at Standing Rock. Out of a rising fear that their sacred grounds, and water supply, would be polluted, hundreds of Native American tribes have gathered in unison to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), marking the first time that so many different tribes have come together to fight for a common goal.

Basically, an American company wants to run an underground pipeline underneath a water source that would threaten the way of life of all those who rely on the Missouri River. It’s almost depressing to see more people tune in for a professional sports team rooted in hatred and bigotry, than for the indigenous people the team was based on, who are involved in a much nobler plight. Perhaps if the Cubs can win the world will begin to pay attention to the protests of a people who have lost so much.