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Will the New York Yankees and A-Rod hit Splitsville?

Yankees fans who bet on MLB have to be asking themselves whether benching Alex Rodriguez for two games in a row is the Bronx Bombers’ way of saying “Dear A-Rod, welcome to Dumpsville. Population: You.” Baseball betting fans also have to wonder whether that is what’s best for business. The Yankees have odds of +6650 of winning the 2016 World Series. Would those improve if the organization were to part ways with Rodriguez? Sure, at one point it seemed like he could do no wrong – even when he did do wrong – but now he’s like that guy in that Springsteen song who keeps talking about Glory Days (well they’ll pass you by).

Even now A-Rod says they haven’t heard the last of him and that he loves to prove people wrong. Unfortunately, people who bet on MLB mostly know that he may not be able to put his money where his mouth is – although he does have the money; $21 million this year and another $21 million for next season. That is an investment that is becoming increasingly hard to justify, in particular if Rodriguez doesn’t play the field, doesn’t pinch-run, and doesn’t play against right-handed pitchers. According to manager Joe Girardi, Rodriguez needs to “perform” in order to get his job back. The question for baseball betting fans is how will he perform with limited at-bats almost exclusively against left-handed starters?

Would it be “ungrateful” of the Yankees to release Alex Rodriguez before the end of next year, if not earlier – perhaps even putting on him on the DL with an “injury”? From the viewpoint that they would still be contractually obligated to pay him that $21 million, fans who bet on MLB could not really call the Yankees a bunch of ingrates. But from the standpoint all of the records and milestones that he achieved with and for the Yankees, it would be kind of harsh to just cut him loose. On the other hand, the 41 year old should know when to call it a day – it is painfully obvious to anyone but him that he is past his prime, and even then he needed chemical enhancement to accomplish the aforementioned records and milestones.

A-Rod’s hip and knee issues mean he can’t play defense anymore, effectively rendering him a right-handed platoon DH. What it all boils down to is that Yankees are doing the right thing by using Rodriguez in a limited capacity. And maybe the team and the former star can figure out a way for the latter to remain a contributing member of the organization. For example, they could sent him to the minors to do for some young gun what Kevin Costner did for Tim Robbins in Bull Durham – and possibly get with a Susan Sarandon-type in the process.