Who will End their World Series Championship Drought?

Posted by: Mike Davis
Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians - World Series 2016 Betting

The event to which the online MLB betting season builds up to is finally here; 2016’s World Series. This year’s World Series is one of the most exciting that we’ve seen in quite some time, and whoever wins will be ending a very long championship drought.

The city of Cleveland has endured some of the worst professional sports teams that North America has berthed. Cleveland’s championship drought had been so impressive, and so extensive, that many were quick to label the city cursed. But the notions of a malediction being placed on the city were quickly thrown out the window when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the title this past NBA season. With their historic comeback in the Finals, the Cavaliers lifted the curse over Cleveland, and some of their magic even rubbed off on the Indians. Are most baseball betting sites taking this luck into account when throwing together the odds for the World Series?

Chicago Cubs -1 ½ (+150) 6 ½ (EV) -113
Cleveland Indians +1 ½ (-170) 6 ½ (-120) +103

It appears that they aren’t. Earlier this season, the Cleveland Indians defied the online MLB betting odds when they put together a spectacular 14-game win streak. Of course, like all streaks do (including the bad ones), Cleveland’s win streak eventually came to a morbid end. But that streak sparked something within the Indians, and it set them off on a journey that has culminated in a ticket to the World Series. It’s been a historic voyage, and this year marks the first time Cleveland has made it to the World Series since 1997. However, they haven’t won one since 1948, which is quite an expansive tenure, but still not as long as the amount of time the Cubs have awaited.

Longtime online MLB betting fans know that the Chicago Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908. Or in other words, the Cubs haven’t won a title since before sliced bread was invented. Chicago’s last World Series berth was back in 1945, but no one ever remembers the losers.

Interestingly enough, both the Cubs and the Indians have set an MLB record before the first pitch is thrown. Cleveland and Chicago have a combined 176 years without a championship. The previous record was 132 years, which goes to show you just how long these two teams have waited. The MLB is only 113 years, while the US itself is only 240 years old, which further highlights the expanse these two cities have had to endure.

If the Indians were facing any other team, they would be the clear-cut sentimental favorite for this year’s World Series. But since they’re facing the Cubs, that title belongs to Chicago. Putting aside the fact that the Indians name is quasi-racist, or the fact that their logo is flat out racist, people still want to sympathize with Cleveland because of the cities sports sorrows. But the Cubs are much more lovable, and they won the nation’s affection when they broke the cities curse by winning their first NL pennant since 1945 this past Saturday. Heck, even Barack Obama – a notorious White Sox fan, expressed his joy at seeing the Cubs in the World Series. Whether the president’s support will make a difference remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure, we’ll all be eagerly watching this year’s World Series unfold.