What Are Some Baseball Betting Online Questions Ahead of This Winter

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Baseball Betting Online on Winter

After a fulfilling season of baseball betting online action; fans, players, and teams alike are all set to make the best of this year’s offseason. So far things have been pretty quiet, especially on the player movement front. There really haven’t been any mind boggling moves and the only swap we’ve really seen other than a couple of teams sign some new general managers. But the offseason is just starting which means there’s still plenty of time for MLB betting players to have their questions answered. But what exactly are those questions? Let’s take a look.

Will Otani Fulfill Many People’s Promise of Becoming a Yank?

An interesting story involving some incredible talent, the latest MLB rumors have the Yankees pegged as the favorite to land international sensation Otani. The reason being; while it may be true that Otani is a free agent, when you have a franchise the likes of the New York Yankees or even the Los Angeles Dodgers: you get a leg up when trying to snag free agents. New York is synonymous with MLB success and what professional athlete doesn’t want to win? The same applies for Los Angeles. Despite the fact that they just missed out on their big shot, the franchise and city have a ‘winning’ attitude that always attracts the best talents on the market. Unquestionably, the addition of Otani would have major implications on the Yankees’ 2018 baseball betting online chances of winning the World Series.

What does Fate Hold in Store for Giancarlo Stanton?

Since this past summer, the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals have emerged as the teams most willing to pursue Stanton aggressively. Furthermore, most online betting sportsbooks are predicting that those two clubs have the highest percentile of snagging this free agent. One interesting fact about this deal however, is the fact that Stanton is coming off a record $325 million deal that contains absolutely zero no-trade clauses. In other words, Stanton holds the keys at the moment and wherever he ends up will be his, and his alone, decision.

Which Player will take Home the Biggest Deal?

This question has caused a ripple within the baseball betting online community. Some bettors feel that JD Martinez will take home this prestigious honor while other bettors are inclined to take Eric Hosmer or even Yu Darvish – the man who swaps away racist gestures with his left hand while striking out batters with his right. While it may be true that Martinez’s agent has been trying to up his player’s stake by bestowing the nickname ‘King Kong’ on Martinez – more of a misnomer really, the majority of players feel that it will be Hosmer who gets the wealthy nod. Darvish is an incredible talent, but will he earn a higher paycheck than a Hosmer, who is an all-around athlete with the Silver Slugger and Gold Glove awards earned last season. Ultimately, any one of these three could walk away with the biggest lump of cash but no one knows at the moment for sure.