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Tampa Bay Rays vs Houston Astros 10/14/2020 Results, Analysis and Forecast

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Tampa Bay Rays vs Houston Astros 10-14-2020 Results Analysis and Forecast

Tampa Bay Rays vs Houston Astros 10/14/2020 – Tampa Bay Rays and Houston Astros will enter their game four of the ALCS round and this might probably be the last as Tampa rides a three-game winning streak. The Bay Rays are just one game away from entering the World Series and the baseball betting odds are clearly in their favor. As for Houston, they came a long way but struggled to make it past Tampa in a single ALCS game. Houston will need to win all four remaining games if they need to get to the next round. The Bay Rays are on fire and they are not going to back down from anything this postseason.

Tampa Bay Rays vs Houston Astros 10/14/2020

When: Wednesday, October 14, 8:40 PM ET
Where: Petco Park, San Diego, California
Stream: SofaScore

Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays trailed Houston at the start with a 1-0 score, but they never turned back after they took the lead last night. They ended their game with a 5-2 final score as they showed some impressive skills on the field. Starting pitcher Ryan Yarbrough had five strikeouts after giving up two earned runs with three hits and two walks in a span of five innings. Joey Wendle contributed two RBIs and one runs with two hits from the plate. Tampa is all set to deliver Tyler Glasnow as their starting pitcher in this game. Glasnow seems to be the best option to take out Houston’s big hitters.

Players to watch: R. Arozarena LF (GP 9 AB 35 R 10 H 15 2B 2 3B 1 HR 4 RBI 5 TB 31 BB 2 SO 9 SB 0 AVG 0.429 OBP 0.474 SLG 0.886 OPS 1.359 WAR 0), B. Lowe 2B (GP 9 AB 34 R 0 H 3 2B 0 3B 0 HR 0 RBI 1 TB 3 BB 4 SO 12 SB 0 AVG 0.088 OBP 0.184 SLG 0.088 OPS 0.272 WAR 0).

Houston Astros

Houston Astros never expected to lose their first three games against Tampa Bay. The Astros looked like they were no match for the Bay Rays as they clearly struggled to make ends meet. Jose Altuve homered for Houston, but their offense was certainly not strong enough against a tight Tampa defense. Michael Brantley was the other batsman to smash a home run for Houston. The Astros committed several mistakes and Tampa clearly took advantage of the situation. Zack Greinke will be delivered to the mound as their starter in this game.

Players to watch: G. Springer CF GP (8 AB 37 R 5 H 10 2B 1 3B 0 HR 2 RBI 5 TB 17 BB 0 SO 10 SB 0 AVG 0.27 OBP 0.289 SLG 0.459 OPS 0.749 WAR 0), K. Tucker RF (GP 8 AB 33 R 3 H 12 2B 0 3B 0 HR 0 RBI 4 TB 12 BB 0 SO 2 SB 0 AVG 0.364 OBP 0.364 SLG 0.364 OPS 0.727 WAR 0).

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Tampa Bay Rays


Houston Astros


Tampa Bay Rays vs Houston Astros Betting Picks

The top online betting websites have once again predicted Tampa Bay to sweep the Astros in this ALCS game. Tampa Bay has been one of the most impressive teams this season and they are a favorite for the World Series title.