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Sportsbooks Getting Set for 2017 World Baseball Classic

Sportsbooks Getting Set for 2017 World Baseball Classic

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor

Even though sportsbook fans are currently enjoying the leisure the online baseball betting offseason provides, with the start of the 2017 World Baseball Classic (WBC) in the coming weeks, those who love to bet on baseball will have a perfect opportunity to head to an online sportsbook and fire up some lines on the sport they adore.

This year’s WBC will mark the 4th iteration of the WBC, with Japan winning the first two titles and the Dominican Republic entering this year’s tournament as the reigning champions. 12 of the 16 countries successfully qualified for the tournament due to their performance in the first leg of the 2013 tournament, and the remaining 4 nations were winners of 4 qualification tournaments that were held in February and September of 2016. Both Colombia and Israel will be making their first WBC appearance this march. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what nations the sportsbooks have decided to favor ahead of this year’s tournament.


Australia +25000

Canada +8050

China +25000

Chinese Taipei +10000

Colombia +10000

Cuba +2550

Dominican Republic +255

Israel +10000

Italy +10000

Japan +310

Mexico +3050

Netherlands +1525

Puerto Rico +2050

South Korea +1525

USA +215

Venezuela +1000

The online baseball betting odds have decided to come out in favor off the US and give the States the best odds of the lot. Close behind the US is the Dominican Republic, who has very good odds of winning back-to-back WBCs. Lastly, Japan, who has a knack for winning these, comes into this year’s tournament with the third best sportsbook odds of all 16 competitors. As we prepare for the start of the WBC on March 6th, let’s take a look ahead at the schedule for the first round of the tournament (all times ET).

Pool A: Seoul (Gocheok Sky Dome); South Korea, Israel, Chinese Taipei, Netherlands

March 6 || Israel vs. South Korea || 5:00 am

March 7 || Israel vs. Chinese Taipei || 10:30 pm

March 7 || Netherlands vs. South Korea || 5:00 am

March 8 || Chinese Taipei vs. Netherlands || 5:00 am

March 9 || Israel vs. Netherlands || 10:30 pm

March 9 || Chinese Taipei vs. South Korea || 5:00 am

Pool B: Tokyo (Tokyo Dome); Japan, Cuba, China, Australia

March 7 || Cuba vs. Japan || 5:00 am

March 8 || China vs. Cuba || 10:00 pm

March 8 || Australia vs. Japan || 5:00 am

March 9 || China vs. Australia || 5:00 am

March 10 || Australia vs. Cuba || 10:00 pm

March 10 || China vs. Japan || 5:00 am

Pool C: Miami (Marlins Park); United States, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Canada

March 9 || Canada vs. Dominican Republic || 6:00 pm

March 10 || Colombia vs. United States || 6:00 pm

March 11 || Colombia vs. Canada || 12:00 pm

March 11 || United States vs. Dominican Republic || 6:30 pm

March 12 || Dominican Republic vs. Colombia || 12:30 pm

March 12 || Canada vs. United States || 7:00 pm

Pool D: Jalisco (Estadio Telmex); Mexico, Italy, Venezuela, Puerto Rico

March 9 || Italy vs. Mexico || 9:00 pm

March 10 || Venezuela vs. Puerto Rico || 9:00 pm

March 11 || Venezuela vs. Puerto Rico || 9:00 pm

March 11 || Puerto Rico vs. Mexico || 9:30 pm

March 12 || Italy s. Puerto Rico || 3:30 pm

March 12 || Venezuela vs. Mexico || 10:00 pm

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