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Run Line Baseball Betting Returns This Friday!

Run line baseball betting continues this Friday as the MLB returns from its short hiatus. The league is pulling out all the stops by offering a full course of 15 MLB contests to pick things up right where they left off. But before we take a look at Friday’s lineup, let’s glance at the MLB’s All-Star match results.

All-Star Game’s Sports Wagering Results

Tuesday’s All-Star Game represented the 88th rendition of this longstanding tradition. Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the dullest renditions to date.

Robinson Cano won MVP of the game, after bringing an end to the contest in the 10th inning by hitting a walk off single homer off Wade Davis. However, that finish paled in comparison the thrilling sports wagering action fans witnessed at the Home Run Derby the previous night.

“As a kid, you watch [Ken] Griffey and all those guys that come to the All-Star Game and win MVP,” Cano stated after the match. “And you wanna get that feeling. I wanted to have this feeling.”

The final score read 2-1 in the American League’s favor, adding another victory the AL’s winning streak over the NL.

With a total of 15 games to choose from this Friday, bettors will have ample run line baseball betting options to choose from. However, accounting for the current rankings in the AL East, and the long history between these two franchises, the pairing between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox demands special attention.

New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox – Friday, July 14th

When: 7:10 pm ET

Where: Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

Series: Game 1 of 4-Game Series


Stream: MLB TV

Run Line Baseball Betting Odds:

New York Yankees TBP

Boston Red Sox TBP


New York Yankees

The Yankees ride into this contest sporting a 45-41 record that paints them as the second best team in the AL East. New York had been the leaders in the East for quite a while, but a string of losses in June and early July allowed the Red Sox to take over. The Yanks are currently 3 ½ games behind Boston in the division. Furthermore, New York is currently tied with the Tampa Bay, thanks to the Rays 47-43 record. Needless to say, the Yankees will be feeling the heat Friday evening.

This contest will mark the 5th time this season these two rivals have faced each other, since their April 25th contest got postponed. So far, the Yankees have fared very well against Boston, posting 4 wins to just 1 loss. Additionally, New York has outscored the Sox 27-7 this season. If New York can keep that trend going, they might just be able to chip into Boston’s lead in this series.
<h3style=”font-size: 16px;”>Boston Red Sox

Boston finished out the 1st half of the season by conceding two consecutive losses. The Red Sox need to get back on the right track, in order to maintain their lead atop the division. However, accounting for their losing streak and how they have fared against New York, bettors should expect the MLB sports odds to come out heavily in New York’s favor.