Problems Facing Indians Ahead of World Series

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Cleveland Indians in the World Series 2016

Although online MLB betting fans don’t exactly know who the Cleveland Indians will face in the World Series, there’s no uncertainty regarding the Indians ticket to the big game. Cleveland earned their trip to the World Series after putting up a defiant performance against the Toronto Blue Jays this past Wednesday. But the road to the World Series has not been an easy one for Cleveland and they’ve faced fierce opposition every single step of the way. Even now, after clinching their ticket to the World Series, the Indians are still facing fierce opposition. Just not from where you’d expect.

Before their American League Championship Series against the Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland was facing litigation regarding their team name and logo. Obviously the name of the club derives from the improper nomenclature applied to Native Americans upon their discovery, but the team’s logo derives from a much darker place. The Indians’ logo is called Chief Wahoo and depicts a large-faced, red-skinned, ‘Indian’ with a feather sticking out the back of his head. There’s no sense in debating the racial stereotypes that underline this logo. Having members of the human race belittled by an image depicting them to be a different skin, while at the same time calling them by an improper name that originates from pure ignorance, is about the most offensive thing anyone can do. Some online MLB betting fans may disagree, but if Cleveland had instead chosen to mock either African or Asian communities, there would be tremendous backlash.

Ultimately, the Toronto court ruled in favor of the Indians, giving them full permission to use both their name and logo within Canada. But this won’t be the last time Cleveland will be hearing about their use of racist logos.

Interestingly enough, Cleveland has already decided to make some changes. Earlier this year, Cleveland had denoted Chief Wahoo to secondary status, in favor of a block ‘C’. While this is a step in the right direction, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Most importantly, the Chief Wahoo image hasn’t been disbanded, and the image was still used during the ALCS playoffs. Whether or not the Indians will chose to run with the logo in the World Series remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain; most baseball betting sites will not be taking it into account when creating odds for this contest.

The online MLB betting odds are still waiting on the results of this year’s National League Championship Series before putting together this year’s World Series lines. But the consensus around the web is that the Indians will be getting pegged as the favorites. Cleveland has been extremely impressive all season long, and this is further highlighted by the fact that they won the ALCS 4-1. Also, before they won the championship series 4-1, the Indians won the divisional series 3-0. Even early in the season the Indians were turning head when they mounted one of the most impressive winning streaks the MLB has seen in some time. Back then, many fans were claiming that the Cleveland Cavalier’s magic had rubbed off on the Indians. Now, several months down the line, it seems that that notion has held true. Cleveland fans should pray the luck doesn’t run out before the World Series is concluded.