Online MLB Betting Trade Rumors, Transactions, & Updates

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Online MLB Betting Trade Rumors, Transactions, & Updates

Online MLB betting fans may be having to contend with the offseason, but the moves being made will indubitably shape the picture of next year’s playoffs. Already we’ve seen gigantic moves with dire implications and the online sportsbooks are adjusting their predictions. Specifically, the shocker that was the Boston Red Sox’ decision to trade away more young up-and-coming talent than one would care to count in order to secure Chris Sales’ transition from being a White Sox to being a BoSox. But this move is just the tip of the iceberg and already teams are scrambling to make moves that are on par with the transition that Boston just finished up.

Even though they traded him to the Chicago Cubs before the trade deadline, Aroldis Chapman has found his way back to the New York Yankees, inking a 5-year $86 million contract. This is one of the moves that the Yankees have made in an attempt to answer Boston’s addition of Sale, but New York still has a long way to go before they can compete with that transaction. At least, that’s what the baseball betting lines think about it. Additionally, Chapman’s departure has created a void in the Cubs’ lineup, one they’ll need to address sooner rather than later.

Luckily enough for Cubs fans, it looks like Chicago has already found their replacement. Following an endless flurry of rumors late Tuesday night, the Cubs officially announced their acquisition of closer Wade Davis from the Kansas City Royals. In order to do so, Chicago had to bid Jorge Soler farewell, essentially making this a one for one trade. The one for one swap raises questions about the Cubs ulterior motives, especially when considering how the bullpen trade market has exploded over the last year. Davis is highly regarded across the league and was the player that helped Kansas City close out their 2015 World Series clincher. Soler on the other hand, is a great talent but struggles to find consistency throughout his career. So most online MLB betting fans consider this to be a one-sided transaction, and ultimately, are beginning to question Davis’ health. The consensus is that are really worried about Davis’ medicals. Either that or they just really like Soler.

Those are inarguably the biggest moves that we’ve seen this online MLB betting offseason, but already a plethora of rumors have risen giving fans an inkling of the next round of upcoming transactions. Reportedly, the Chicago Cubs plan to keep making headlines by meeting with Scott Boras in January to discuss a contract extension for Jake Arrieta. Also, the Tigers are allegedly not interested in pursuing Andrew McCutchen notwithstanding their lack of a decision on an everyday center fielder.