MLB’s Dramatic Changes & Complaints from Veterans

Posted by: Mike Davis
MLB’s Dramatic Changes

As we dive deeper into the online MLB betting offseason, we’re seeing more and more stories come up. The most recent of which claims that the current free agency system in the league is broken. At least that’s the claim from Detroit Tigers’ outfielder Nicholas Castellanos. Not only that, it’s looking like the MLB is going through some dramatic changes that will further impact free agency. So what is all the fuzz about? Let’s take an MLB sportsbook betting look down below.

MLB’s Dramatic Changes

The changes announced by the MLB and the MLBPA include the following:

  • Shorter breaks in between innings
  • Mount visits will be reduced from 6 to 5
  • Single trade deadline on July 31st
  • The winner of the Home Run Derby will get $1 million

These changes will go into place immediately. However, there were some other changes announced that won’t come into play until 2020.

  • 26 man roster restriction for most of the year
  • All team will roster 28 players starting on September 1st
  • Pitchers are now required to pitch to either a minimum of 3 batters or end of half-inning
  • Option period and injured list period for pitchers will be increased from 10 to 15 days

Obviously these changes are aimed at increasing the pace of play. In addition, they’ll also set up some strategic challenges for MLB management across the nation.

“In every other business in, in every other form of entertainment, in every other sport, they’re making adjustments all of the time to adapt to that,” Blue jays president Mark Shapiro told the media earlier in the week. “So it’s that careful balance of how do we do things, how do we test things, how do we determine where we can improve the game without walking away from the tradition that makes the game great.

While some legal betting fans are bound to be happy about the changes, it’s clear that there’s still issues within the MLB. All in all it looks like Nick Castellanos thinks the MLB should be focused on other things.

Castellano’s Gryfe

The current system the MLB has in place is used to encourage teams to employ one of two philosophies. Either teams try to build a strong team and make a championship push or they focus on rebuilding. The only problem is that the luxury tax punishes teams for spending too much money. However, there isn’t any measure in place to penalize teams who spend too little. In short, this incentivizes teams to play it safe far too often. And in the end, the ones suffering are veterans who could be signing massive deals.

“I just think winning has to be a priority,” Castellanos told the media, echoing his distaste for the current system. “We show up every day, because we want to be the best we can, so we can help our team win.”

So will any of the above listed changes help Castellano out? Short answer, no. All in all, it’s difficult to figure out what the MLB should do in this case. It’s obvious that having a system that penalizes teams trying to win that year while not punishing others for taking it slow needs is problematic. However, the luxury tax was put into place to ensure that power distribution in the MLB never got out of control. But in the modern age, is this something we really need?