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MLB Update: League Chiefs Mull Bringing Back 2020 Rules Amid COVID-19

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
MLB Update League Chiefs Mull Bringing Back 2020 Rules Amid COVID-19

2021 Major League Baseball season is considering to implement the rule changes it unveiled last season. It will take place as the coronavirus disease continues to affect play in professional sports. Last year, it introduced seven-inning doubleheaders and extra-inning games. It will begin with a runner on a second base designed to limit the length of games during the pandemic. They might add a few more, including the proposal of a universal designated hitter (DH) and an expanded playoff field. Introducing these rule changes would possibly bring excitement to MLB fans. It will up the ante to online baseball betting sites as it is seen to spice up the 2021 season as COVID-19 remains in the midst.

Redefining the Rules – MLB Style

Sources within the baseball circles told mainstream media that league officials are talking about rule amendments. It involves the MLB Players Association and the agreement on the deal. It will be released before the start of the 2021 Major League Baseball season. They expect the player’s union to approve the rules for the upcoming season. However, the stakeholders have yet to decide on whether the universal DH rule. Either that or an expanded postseason with the rosters remaining at 26 players will spice up the league. 

The MLB initially pushed for a universal DH set-up instead of the expanded postseason. This is where 16 teams are going into the playoffs instead of the original 10. The ruling also introduced a best-of-three first round. Thus, removing the one-game winner-take-all game for fourth- and fifth-seeded teams per each league. The players and agents previously asked in a survey batted for a universal DH setup.

They strongly believed that it could be introduced as soon as this season. This is especially with a new collective bargaining agreement beginning next year. An MLB outfielder and a high-ranking team executive agree with having a universal DH. One DH on each team creates more excitement in offense. It will be a challenge for managers who heavily rely on pitching.

Agent: Giving Rewards to the Top Team May Be Bad

The 14-team playoff pool will provide the team with the best record a bye in the first round. A veteran agent said that giving the first-placed team a respite for their regular-season exploits. This could be detrimental as it could affect the rhythm of hitters and pitchers. The agent then called for a format wherein the top seed squad will have a twice-to-beat incentive in the playoffs against the last-placed team. This means the lower-ranked baseball team has to beat the top seeds two times to make it to the next round while their foes will need to win just once to advance.

2021 Major League Baseball Season Conclusion

Making the 2021 Major League Baseball season more enticing compared to the coronavirus-affected 2020 season is what MLB looks to achieve. So, the officials entertain new proposals to make the playoffs suspense-filled and interesting for television. A 14- to 16-team playoffs will not just prolong the postseason but it will also help the league to gain more following. It will also bring more television revenues while the league is still unsure if they will allow fans to watch on the grounds.

It could also be good for MLB picks and parlays as it can provide more games, non-stop excitement, and additional chances of winning in the process. Meanwhile, having a universal DH in both American and National Leagues will spice up the sport. It would help the pitcher focus more on pitching and gives them an added respite from spending time on the batter’s box. It also changes the strategies of managers in late-inning situations where they set-up pinch hitters in case the pitchers are bad at batting.