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MLB Spring Training and Trade Rumors 2020 for Sportsbook Fans

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
MLB Spring Training and Trade Rumors 2020

The MLB regular season is not too far away. Teams have already hit the road to Spring Training and they are gearing up for the 2020 season. A few deals might take place with some teams that have been rumored to have trade talks. The 2020 regular season schedule is already out. Fans anticipate the match between two top rivals. They are all set to battle on March 26, the opening day. A list of teams will clash on the same day. A few notable games include Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees. 2019 MLB World Champions Washington Nationals will square-off against New York Mets.

MLB Spring Training and Trade Rumors 2020 for Sportsbook Fans

The excitement is on. The thrill will never get dull as the battle for the American League and National League begins. There is no doubt that some of the Top Online Baseball Betting Sites will prepare picks and predictions based on statistics, but there has been no shortage of entertainment for fans as they are loads of stuff on trade rumors.

New York Yankees might land a big trade deal

Rumor has it that the Yankees are involved in a trade deal with Chicago Cubs. Yu Darvish seems to be the player that has a deep sense of interest. However, nothing has been confirmed since Darvish still remains with the Cubs at present. The 33-year-old pitcher still has his time left with the Chicago Cubs, but not to forget, New York was interested in Darvish back in 2017 during his free-agent period.

While some fans believe that trading Darvish might be a good option for the Cubs. There is an equal number of the Yankees fans that might be unhappy if they make a deal with the Cubs. Last year’s MLB season was not up to the mark for Darvish at the beginning, but he managed to earn an impressive set of numbers at the end.  

New York Mets look towards free agent Russell Martin

One of the top productive baseball receivers is now a free agent and the Mets might not regret to try for Russell Martin on their squad. It turns out that Martin has turned down a few offers due to personal reasons. The good news is that he will be back in a few weeks and to his options. Martin’s period with Los Angeles Dodgers during the 2019 season was remarkable and any team that acquires him will be at no loss.

Russell Martin’s two-year period with New York Yankees was also promising as he smashed 39 homers apart from his great performance. Martin has been an All-Star player and he is a veteran that understands how to handle his stuff. If the New York Mets get a hold of Martin, they would tighten their defense and the pitching squad will have no major issues.

It’s less than a month away for the MLB opening day to commence. Several other teams are trying out their options including the Oakland Athletics and Toronto Blue Jays. If some of these rumors turn out to be true, this year’s Baseball season is going to be one entertaining one. MLB betting will also take its course right from the first day of the 2020 season.