What MLB Sportsbook Fans Should Watch Out For this Offseason

Posted by: Mike Davis
What MLB Sportsbook Fans Should Watch Out For this Offseason

Even though most online MLB betting fans would agree that January is one of the slowest times of the year, the first month of the New Year is not the tedious tenure of Minor League action it once was. In fact, with the way the current MLB trends are going, most sportsbook experts would argue that the offseason is starting to become more and more of a full season in of itself. Albeit, a season in which the market and ruminating executives spread out the action over several months. But if there’s any doubt as to the gravity of the offseason, one simply has to look at what happened during last year’s offseason.

Chris Davis, Justin Upton, Wei-Yin Chen, Yoenis Cespedes, Alex Gordon and Ian Kennedy were all on the receiving end of contracts exceeding $70 million. And all six of those contracts were handed out in the Month of January. We probably won’t see that kind of action this time around, considering that this year’s free-agent class, generally speaking, is considerably unconvincing. But even though this year’s free agency is classified as lackluster, the likes of Mark Trumbo, Jose Quintana, Jose Bautista, Matt Wieters, and Jason Hammel will all be hitting the market – players who would undoubtedly affect a franchise’s odds on the best baseball betting sites.

No doubt, there’s still a lot of action to be expected in these upcoming weeks before the start of training camp. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some clubs that could be making some online MLB betting noise in the following weeks.

Generally, when sportsbook fans think of offseason noise they tend to think of teams adding talent instead of subtracting it. But after seeing the value the White Sox were able to add in the trades of Chris Sale and Adam Eaton, their fan base is unusually optimistic about what the South Siders could get for Quintana. The Sox hold all the chips in trade talks and from the rumors floating around it’s clear that Chicago wants to get as much value for Quintana as they got from Sale.

Speaking of subtractions, this free agency the Rangers saw Ian Desmond, Carlos Beltran and Mitch Moreland all head for the hills. With a gutted roster, Texas will be looking to sign another bat or risk losing favorable online MLB betting odds. The consensus around the wire is that it will be Mike Napoli. If the Rangers decide not to sign Napoli then they’ll likely make a move for either Trumbo, Brandon Moss, Pedro Alvarez or even Mark Reynolds.

Since we’re on the subject of bats, the Dodgers current No. 1 at second base is Kike Hernandez. Hernandez hit .190 with a .607 last season so it’s clear a change is needed. A trade of Brian Dozier has gotten a lot of hype, so it’s more than likely that that’s who Los Angeles will turn to. The Dodgers aren’t exactly sportsbook favorites to win the World Series next year, but the right change could go a long way for Los Angeles.