MLB Sports Betting Hall of Fame Inductees

Posted by: Charlie Smith
MLB Sports Betting Hall of Fame Inductees

While some American citizens may still be complaining about the results of last November’s presidential election, online MLB betting fans have moved on to another election: this year’s MLB Hall of Fame election. This past Wednesday night, the MLB sports betting community found out which players would be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this upcoming summer; Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines, as well as Ivan Rodriguez.

Most longtime sportsbook betting fans will remember Bagwell, an alumnus of the University of Hartford, who is the second-greatest first baseman since World War II – second only to Albert Pujols. Bagwell is remembered for his power hitting, his batting average, and his exceptional defense. There’s absolutely no doubt that Bagwell is one of the best base runners of his generation. In fact, Bagwell’s 152 runs scored back in 2000 is the most in a season since Lou Gehrig hit a similar amount back in 1936.

In addition to joining the prestigious ranks of the Hall of Famers, Tim Raines became just the fifth player to be enshrined in his final year of eligibility. Raines hit his zenith in the mid-80s when he was ubiquitously considered by online MLB betting fans to be one of the best, most versatile players in the league. Raines had an uncanny knack for knowing just when to steal a base, and ranks fifth all-time in stolen bases. Just to put things in perspective; Rickey Henderson would require 448 successful bases stolen to surpass Raines’ lifetime steal percentage of 84.7%.

Not only did Rodriguez become a first ballot Hall of Famer, in doing so the Puerto Rican became the 2nd catcher to receive a bust on his first ballot (Johnny Bench was the 1st).  Most MLB sports betting analysts consider Rodriguez to be one of the greatest defensive catchers of all time. Rodriguez’ resume includes 13 Gold Gloves, 1999 AL MVP Award, and even some allegations regarding steroid use.

But just like with every other induction class, we learned some things with the voting results. Trevor Hoffman received 74% just falling short of the 75% mark needed to receive an induction. The consensus around the online MLB betting community is that Hoffman will successfully enter the Hall next year – his last year of eligibility. Vladimir Guerrero did pretty well for a first-ballot candidate receiving 71.7% of the votes needed and it’s more than likely that he too will be inducted in 2018.

Now onto more controversial candidates, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are both continuing to see an increase in support despite their controversial careers. Both candidates were able to reach more than 50% for the fifth time. Since Bunning got snubbed in the early 90s, only two candidates have received 50% votes only to never actually receive an induction. With that in mind, it’s fairly safe to say that both Bonds and Clemens will be receiving a bust one day, despite being two of the most controversial figures in MLB sports betting history.