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MLB Offseason Trade Rumors 2020 Predictions and Free Agent Updates For MLB Sportsbook Fans

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
MLB Offseason Trade Rumors 2020 Predictions and Free Agent Updates For MLB Sportsbook Fans

MLB Offseason Trade Rumors 2020 Brandon Kintzler and Eduardo Nunez to sign a new deal

While the MLB dates are getting closer for 2020 teams have been making use of the last two months to sign new players. It turns out that Miami Marlins have been involved in such rumors that eventually became true. Miami had a terrible 2019 MLB season as they were unable to make it to the end. The Marlins were one of those weak teams and they look forward to developing their squad this year.

Miami Marlins sign Brandon Kintzler

Miami is starting-off fresh on a new contract with Brandon Kintzler. The 35-year-old pitcher has agreed to take on a one year contract, which is approximately $3.25 million dollars. The Marlins have been showing interest with Kintzler for the past few weeks and finally, they struck a satisfying deal. Kintzler struggled during the 2018 season with the Cubs as he was unable to perform at his peak.

Mets and Eduardo Nunez’s Minor League deal

New York Mets had their own ups and downs last year, but the new infielder seems to be a great option for the Mets. Eduardo Nunez is on his way from Boston Red Sox to New York Mets in a Minor League deal. The Mets took a calculative leap to sign up the 32-year-old infielder, but they are already loaded with several others in the same spot. While some fans feel it’s the right choice, there are a few that think the Mets have made a rush with Nunez.

Nicholas Castellanos  MLB Offseason Trade Rumors 2020

If there is one name that has been circling around trade rumors for some time, it has to be Nicholas Castellanos. The 27-year-old free agent might just sign up Cincinnati Reds for the upcoming season. While some MLB betting fans have kept their fingers crossed, Castellanos has also been in the interests of San Francisco Giants.

Baltimore Orioles interest in Andrew Cashner

Not many teams have struggled as bad as Baltimore Orioles in the last 2019 season. The good news is that 2020 looks promising for several teams and Baltimore seems to be making a move with Andrew Cashner. The 33-year-old pitcher was not at his peak in the past, especially during the 2018 season. However, Cashner did well for Baltimore during the 2019 season.

MLB Offseason Trade Rumors 2020: New York Yankees sign Gerrit Cole  

It came as a surprise to several people when Gerrit Cole was acquired by the New York Yankees. Cole played a vital role with Houston Astros last season until the end of their journey as they were one step behind from becoming the world champions. It is believed that the Yankees made the fourth largest deal in Baseball history to acquire Cole.

Spring training is just around the corner and in no time 2020 MLB season will take its course. The defending champions Washington Nationals have already made changes to their squad and this year’s MLB is all set with full excitement and interesting games. Betting baseball trends will soon catch up as we enter into a fresh start.