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MLB Offseason Trade Rumors 2020 Free Agent Updates for MLB Fans

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
MLB Offseason Trade Rumors 2020 Free Agent Updates for MLB Sportsbook Fans

Last season, Washington Nationals went all out to make history with their first MLB championship title. It caused disappointment among fans that the Yankees were unable to make it to the end. Some of their fans are still upset that New York lost their series against the Houston Astros. However, this year is believed to be full of surprises as several teams have been involved in trade talks. The MLB Offseason Trade rumors are circling around players like Castellanos, Betts, Realmuto and Ozuna. While things are yet to get confirmed, some of the top sportsbooks have kept their fans at the edge of the seat.

MLB Offseason Trade Rumors 2020 Free Agent Updates for MLB Sportsbook Fans

Boston Red Sox on Mookie Betts

There have been rumors on Mookie Betts moving out of the Red Sox, but the biggest question is if Boston is ready to trade one of their best right fielders. Boston did not have the perfect season last year with its unstable performance, but they will not make the same mistake in 2020. The Red Sox received a huge contribution from Mookie Betts and trading him might not be a good option. In fact, Boston might try to keep Betts with the team for their long-term goals.

Free Agent Rumors

Offseason is bound to have free agents as teams take their pick to build a stronger team. One player that has hit free agency is Marcell Ozuna. After playing for the Marlins, Ozuna did his job for the Cardinals, but now his fate is yet to be decided. Another free agent that is most likely to land a deal in Nicholas Castellanos. The 27-year-old right fielder was unable to unleash his full potential with Detroit, but this year teams have already eyed these two players.

J.T Realmuto might remain with the Phillies

One of MLB’s leading catchers J.T Realmuto has been experiencing issues with Philadelphia Phillies, but it turns out they might settle their disputes and Realmuto may continue with the Phillies. The arbitration will take place in this matter as Realmuto seems to be fighting for a valid reason. Philadelphia will not want to miss out on a strong catcher like J.T, the 28-year-old player has been recognized as a top catcher for years now. Extending Realmuto for the long-term will be the right decision for Philadelphia.

Washington Nationals interest in Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson has been the big talk of most free agents. The third baseman has been with four teams and now several offers have been coming his way. Washington Nationals have been showing a keen interest in Donaldson since Anthony Rendon make is way to Los Angeles Angels. Rendon was signed for $245 million and now the Nationals need to fill up that spot. Donaldson might be the right decision, but things are yet to be confirmed.

This year’s MLB season is all set with trades taking place as free agents will find a new home. On the other hand, trade rumors have been on the loose around several key players. Online sports betting fans are looking forward to their favorite team to make the right choice.