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MLB Blasts Off with New Tech

Whenever you get ready to place a bet on MLB games you have to digest as much information as possible in order to make the best predictions. Now that MLB has announced a multi-year deal with Blast Motion, a company focused on advanced sensor-based motion capture and swing analysis, fans of sports betting will have even more information at their disposal. Blast Motion is based in Carlsbad, California and over the last few years they have been carving the future of wearable motion capture technology. Thanks to their efforts their products are now the official bat sensor technology of the MLB.

In recent years the MLB has been increasing efforts to integrate technology into sports in real time, as part of a campaign to attract younger fans. They had already approved Blast Motion’s swing analyzer for use during training, but now that the tech is league official fans can expect to be a part of the experience. Starting with the MLB All-Star Futures game on July 10th the device will be implemented into bats, and the acquired data will be used in television broadcasts. Having real-time data of this quality will certainly help online sportsbook users narrow in on their favorites when they bet on MLB.

The Blast Motion sensor is a Bluetooth sensor that attaches to the knob at the bottom of a regular bat. Once attached it is able to track various data related to a hitter’s swing. This includes swing speed, power, the path of the bat, and the point of impact. The “Blast Baseball” bat sensor is currently listed for $149.99 on the company’s website. While the specific financial terms of the contract were not divulged Blast Motion’s CEO Michael Fitzpatrick was optimistic about the auspicious partnership.

“Becoming the official bat sensor of MLB, that’s an exclusive relationship. That gives us the ability to use the MLB logo,” Fitzpatrick was quoted as saying. “You know how valuable that’s going to be for marketing and sales activities. We’re going to be able to put that logo on the packaging of our sensor.”

Blast Motion isn’t the only party who’s excited about the new deal. An MLB spokesperson told FOXBusiness.com “Partnering with Blast Motion will bring another integrated technology and developmental tool to young players of all levels and ages, such as those who compete in the USA Baseball Tournament of Stars, as they grow their skills in the game”.

By increasing the level of tech that is used in the game of baseball recruiters will have much better precision when scouting. Not only that, having a detailed breakdown of the swing, and path of the bat, will help coaches identify flaws and improve on their hitters. Ted Williams, once nicknamed “The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived”, said “you can’t make a hitter, but I think you can improve a hitter.” The direction that the MLB is taking will help coaches improve hitters like never before. If teams are able to significantly improve their players then the game of baseball will become even more unpredictable. If you bet on MLB games then you can be certain that this new tech will change the game of MLB betting.