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MLB Betting Fans Better Stay Away of Last Place Yankees

Handicappers will tell you that inconsistency is something that makes them uneasy whenever shopping for lines. MLB betting fans should apply that notion and look at the NY Yankees and stay away from them. Right now the most winning franchise in American professional sports is tied in last place in the American League’s East division with the Tampa Bay Rays. Things are not looking good for the Bronx Bombers, as they don’t seem to have much of an upside to this current slump.

Regular people, who bet on baseball, didn’t have that much expectations for the Yankees season back in May. However, the overall consensus was that they were not going to be this bad. The problem with the Yanks is that whenever they begin to show signs of life, they find a way to regress. In their past several games they managed to get some wins and sunnier days were hinted, but then they lost to the Colorado Rockies in a 13-10 game where everyone was hitting the baseball. The issue here is that, arguably, the Rockies aren’t that much a better team than the Yankees.

The race for the Wild Card seems a bit unobtainable for the Yanks at the moment, but the season is still open for them. A comeback of huge proportions could see them finding their way to the post season, but at this point it seems unlikely. Right now it appears that the solution to the Yankees problems has to come from their front office and with some key changes to their roster. Their current staff has plenty of talent that could be able to help leverage and ease any form of negotiation with other teams to help them build a possible run for the Wild Card. MLB betting fans can expect them to shake things up within the next couple of months.

The names of Carlos Beltran, Dellin Betances, Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller and Nathan Eovaldi are constantly being mentioned whenever baseball insiders discuss possible members of the Yankees’ roster that could be used for potential trades. Who would the Yankees target will likely be players with the idea to look into the future. Considering that in their mindset their last World Series was ages ago, the ‘evil empire’ will want to lay the foundations for a new dynasty. But so far, they are not getting anywhere with their current inconsistencies on the diamond.

The good news for the Yankees is that the East division is not particularly strong this season and a good winning streak could propel them in the race for the Wild Card. Their season is far from over, but with every misstep they take this regular season it could cost them big on the long run. At this point MLB betting experts are wary and cautious on their chances of turning things around, as they need to fix a big list of issues first before even thinking of reaching the post season.