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MLB 2022 Opening Day, Spring Training Update

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
MLB 2022 Opening Day, Spring Training Update

The MLB 2022 season is close to a month away and the spring training games have already started. We all saw the Atlanta Braves destroy the Houston Astros in the last season to become the World Champions. While some of the big teams failed to get past their playoff rounds, we are expecting some changes this year. The Yankees turned out to be a disappointment and so was the Dodgers. But one team that clinched the NL West division and failed to make it to the end was the San Francisco Giants.

MLB 2022: Giants and Dodgers Odds

The Giants were expected to win, but everything changed after they dropped their last few important games on the season. Despite their excellent performance during the regular season, the Giants are not favored to win this year’s title.  However, they are 162 games to go for each team and the odds are subject to change over time. Yet, there are a few predictions and the Dodgers are back on top of the list despite losing Corey Seager in free agency. The good news is that they have MVP candidates on their team.

Here are the predicted odds for the 2022 season.

MLB Baseball 2022 Expected Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers+650
Houston Astros+900
New York Yankees+900
New York Mets+1000
Chicago White Sox+1100
Toronto Blue Jays+1100
San Diego Padres+1200
Atlanta Braves+1400
Milwaukee Brewers+1500
Tampa Bay Rays+1600
San Francisco Giants+2000
Boston Red Sox+2200
Los Angeles Angels+2500
St. Louis Cardinals+2500
Philadelphia Phillies+3500
Seattle Mariners+4500
Detroit Tigers+5000
Miami Marlins+7500
Oakland Athletics+7500
Cincinnati Reds+8000
Cleveland Guardians+8000
Minnesota Twins+9000
Chicago Cubs+10000
Kansas City Royals+10000
Texas Rangers+10000
Washington Nationals+10000
Arizona Diamondbacks+20500
Colorado Rockies+20000
Pittsburgh Pirates+25000
Baltimore Orioles+25000


While this might come as a huge surprise to many, there is a chance for this to take place. The Dodgers will fight once again, but there have also been questions about the Braves retaining the World Series title. Atlanta will try to repeat the same this season, especially with Ronal Acuna Jr. back on the team. Mike Soroka is going to be getting some back-to-back strikeouts as well and the Braves have an easy chance to clinch the Wild Card round if they play it right.

Regular Season Update

As far as spring training goes, several games have been canceled but the Cubs and White Sox will make their appearance on the field. The 2022 baseball season has been pushed one week behind schedule is all set to start on April 7. The MLB players association and the Major League organization have agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement. This came in place due to the 99-day lockout. However, no games will be missed in 2022 for the regular season.


The MLB 2022 regular season betting picks are already up and running with the spring training games in action. The New York Yankees will open the 2022 regular season from the Yankee Stadium against their rival, the Boston Red Sox. The Cubs will take on the Brewers on the same day and the betting picks are going to be in full swing. The betting lines are already open as the new season kicks off.