MLB 2020 Season Update: Fans Upset about Ticket Purchase, Betting on MLB Might Be Still an Option

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
MLB 2020 Season Update Fans Upset about Ticket Purchase, Betting on MLB Might Be Still an Option

Never have the MLB fans thought that placing a bet on baseball in 2020 might not be possible. This year has been hard for every sports professional, including its fans due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. In fact, several professionals are struggling to get back to their usual routine. However, things went worse for MLB as they were unable to get to the opening day. With spring training canceled, the probability of starting the regular season might not take place until the end of June. The baseball union is still weighing several options. At this point, there are equally a huge amount of challenges faced.

There is an option of having a three-state plan for this season. However, there are various measures that need to be taken into consideration. On the other hand, a few fans have sued MLB after realizing the games have been postponed. Official ticket partners such as Ticketmaster and StubHub are experiencing difficulties with the present situation. Yet, Major League Baseball has not canceled any games officially. This might be good news since they are trying their best to make things happen, but getting those ideas into action is not an easy task.

MLB 2020 Season Update: Disappointment to MLB betting sites

While it’s not only the fans and players that have been disappointed, a huge number of online baseball betting sites are also undergoing the same situation. The National Football League has foreseen this crisis and they have moved to simulation games. Bettors are still placing their wages based on Madden 20’s simulation game and the NFL has continued to do the same. There have been several other news of MLB apart from the opening day, which seems to be fading away in the distance. As for the disappointed fans who booked their tickets, the baseball union might not have any other option other than processing a full refund.

It turns out that the focus of playing games has shifted to other interests for MLB. A few days ago MLB moved into an investigation about Boson’s misuse of technology back in 2018. It turns out that the Boston Red Sox took the opportunity to steal signs with the help of technology during the games. Last Wednesday, Jose Alexander Cora got suspended so he might be back for the 2021 season. AJ Hinch and Carlos Beltram have also been in controversies, but the biggest question is if they will be back in 2021. With an apology from Cora, he seems to be in a spot where he could come back after a year.

There’s no surprise about Carlos Beltran’s past situation when he got fired as the New York Mets manager. Beltran made a mistake in the beginning when he did not agree about Houston cheating. Getting back to managing the major’s looks like a distorted image for Beltran at the moment, but time could change things eventually. There is no news of mlb betting switching to simulation games until they make a final decision about this season.

Going back to last year, the Washington Nationals made it to the end and created history after winning the 2019 title. Houston Astros was expected to get past Nationals and claim their second World Series Championship. However, things were not in their favor. Not to forget New York Yankees did their best, but yet again an unfortunate disappointment for their fans. This year MLB was all set to be rich after several trade deals and new managers on the line. Pitchers seem to be experiencing their own troubles as they feel the need to have a second spring training. While the regular season has not been confirmed, a second spring training is unlikely to take place. From a pitcher’s viewpoint, it is essential to have proper practice constantly. Getting back to Arizona, Florida and Texas plan seems to be the only option right now.

It is a struggle for players to stay at home without proper practice. However, this unforeseen pandemic has spread to a large extent. If MLB decides to go ahead, it is still impossible to play every single game. One thing that is certain is that the baseball stadiums are all set to be empty without an audience. There is no harm in doing so as long as fans get to watch their teams play at home. For the people who have bought their tickets, they are definitely expecting a full refund. It’s hard to blame anyone in this case, but there could be options to keep everyone happy. The only thing to do is to wait patiently for a month or two until MLB makes an announcement.