League Looks to Implement Pitch Clock in Latest MLB Sports Betting News

Posted by: Mike Davis
MLB League Looks to Implement Pitch Clock

MLB sports betting fans may be enjoying the offseason but the latest announcements from the league has thrown us into a bit of mayhem. Specifically, Major League Baseball announced earlier this week that they plan to implement a flurry of stricter rules and regulations, including a pitch clock. It’s not big of a bombshell, considering that the league has made numerous efforts to increase their ratings. However, current reports indicate the MLB Players Association will be rejecting the agreement the league has offered.

Pitch Clock Proposal

It wouldn’t be surprising to see the MLBPA reject this year’s offer. The reason being, the association gleefully rejected a similar offer this time last year. After the MLBA’s refusal, the MLB threatened to unilaterally implement a timer between pitches, batters, as well as innings. Additionally, the league harped that it would severely limit mound visits without the union’s consent – which is the MLB’s right.

Last season, the average time of an MLB game rose to a 3 hours and 8 minutes: the largest timespan in league history. Therefore, the league is hoping that implementing a pitch clock, or something similar, will help speed up game times. Nonetheless, current MLB sports betting estimates predict a pitch clock can shed about 10 minutes of game time – which is not significant whatsoever.

Pitch Clock Refusal

In truth, these negotiations could not have come at a worse time. At the present time, a ‘frozen’ free agent market has lit a fire underneath players. Furthermore, the lack of opportunity has convinced them to turn down an agreement that included several favorable concessions. Notwithstanding those concessions, the current landscape in the market convinced the MLBPA that it was not enough to reach an agreement. Ergo, top sportsbooks are expecting the MLBPA to be as difficult as possible.

MLB Sports Betting Specifics

Per the proposal, the league was looking to implement a 20-second pitch clock with the bases empty and runners on. Additionally, the pitch clock would be set for 18-seconds with the bases empty and would be turned off with runners on. The clock begins when the pitcher has the ball on the mound and stops when the pitcher begins his pitch or comes set. In the case that the pitcher steps off the rubber, the clock would reset. Furthermore, batters are expected to be in the box within 5 seconds after the clock starts.

If the pitcher were to disobey the rule, he would receive one warning per game. The following, or second, violation would give way to an immediate ball. The MLB is vying to implement these changes for opening day.

Mound Visit Restrictions

The restrictions on mound visits are very specific. In sum, whenever a coach, manager, or other player visits the pitcher on the mount, it counts as a visit. Additionally, the pitcher leaving the mound to consult another player also counts as a visit. If a pitcher receives two visits within the same inning, he will be forced to exit the game. The proposal dictates that each team would have received six ‘no-change’ visits that would keep their pitcher from leaving the game.

Baseball betting sites aren’t sure what kind of impact this brewing feud between the league and MLBPA could have in the world of MLB betting. However, one thing is clear; it’s important to keep an eye on the situation as it reaches its denouement.