Interesting But Unexpected News from Around the League (Offseason)

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Strange MLB Offseason Storylines

The 2019 online baseball betting season is but a few mere weeks away. In a couple more days, all the talk about sizing up potential favorites and sleepers will have come to an end. And in its place, players learning how to bet on sports will finally have their favorite pastime to wager on. To help pass the time, we’re going to mulch through some of the more interesting but unexpected news of the offseason. Ultimately we’re doing this in the hope that bettors may take this information and make some wise bets in the coming weeks. Here are some of the strangest MLB offseason storylines we’ve come across.

Strange MLB Offseason Storylines

Orioles Bench to Be Coach-less

Longtime online baseball betting players know that the norm around the league involving rookie managers goes something like this. When a team brings on a rookie manager, they tend to couple that addition with a seasoned bench coach. However, the Baltimore Orioles have decided to blaze a new trail by departing from this norm. Although it looked like they would bring Gary DiSarcina along, the team decided against that move. Afterwards, they skipped hiring a veteran bench coach altogether.

Albeit, we’ve seen other teams start the season without a bench coach. This includes the 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates, who brought in Dave Jauss just a season later. With that in mind, it’s clear that this kind of move historically doesn’t payoff. Nevertheless, Baltimore doesn’t have much to lose since they’re ubiquitously considered one of the worst teams in the league.

Los Angeles Dodges A General Manager

Like Baltimore, Los Angeles has decided to tread their own path forward. In fact, at the present time, LA does not technically have a general manager. However, they have plenty of people calling the shots, including president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman, senior vice president of baseball operations and vice president and assistant general manager Jeff Kingston. Nevertheless, not one of those persons is listed as a general manager. Ultimately this is surprising since they have an assistant general manager. Additionally, they also have a special assistant to the general manager in Raul Ibanez.

It’s kind of interesting how a position not held by anyone could have an assistant and a special assistant. In the end these titles are nothing more than nuance and semantic but it’s still a weird and funny tidbit to point out.

Two Way is the New Way

Last season’s online baseball betting action saw Shohei Ohtani find plenty of success. To this end, MLB teams will now be more open to having two-way players. That is, players who can  pitch and hit. With that in mind, we can expect to see a handful of talented veterans try to find extra use around the league.

Players like Kaleb Cowart, Jared Walsh and even Bo Way are names that come to the forefront. In fact, it’s already reported that these players, and William English, have begun to practice this two-way rotation. This is somewhat interesting considering how much taboo revolves around the pitcher in this sport. In the end it’ll be interesting to see if teams are hindered by this or if players excel under the pressure. In the end this is likely to have some sportsbook implications.