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Cubs Pounce on the World Series Odds

With the All-Star game behind us we have officially reached the season’s halfway point, an ideal time to cast your bet on MLB futures. While that may be true, some sportsbook users might prefer to hold off until the August 1st trade deadline. As that date approaches MLB clubs will have to decide whether they’ll be ‘buyers’ or ‘sellers’ and online gambling fans will have to figure out who their favorite is for their bet on MLB futures. The World Series is still several months away which will ensure that there’s plenty of time for analysis. With that in mind let’s breakdown the odds for this year’s World Series predictions.

Arizona Diamondbacks +40000
Milwaukee Brewers +65100
Atlanta Braves +65500
Minnesota Twins +65300
Baltimore Orioles +1325
New York Mets +1825
Boston Red Sox +1325
New York Yankees +6650
Chicago Cubs +385
Oakland Athletics +50000
Chicago White Sox +5050
Philadelphia Phillies +50000
Cincinnati Reds +65500
Pittsburgh Pirates +5050
Cleveland Indians +805
San Diego Padres +50000
Colorado Rockies +35000
San Francisco Giants +535
Detroit Tigers +3650
Seattle Mariners +4050
Miami Marlins +5050
St. Louis Cardinals +3550
Houston Astros +1725
Tampa Bay Rays +60000
Kansas City Royals +3525
Texas Rangers +755
Los Angeles Angels +40000
Toronto Blue Jays +1325
Los Angeles Dodgers +1825
Washington Nationals +805

If you think the Cavaliers magic will rub off on the Indians then no one would blame you for picking them as your favorites. This team showed exactly what their pitching is capable of with their 14-win streak earlier this season, and with an ERA of 3.63 Cleveland’s pitchers are the best in the American League. If the Indians are able to trade some pitching talent in return for a slugger they certainly would become favorable in the American League. The tribe has been improving all season long and it reflects in their odds, when the season started they we’re pegged at around +1600 and now they’ve cut that in half and are sitting at +805. The Indians will be looking to give Cleveland their 2nd sports title this calendar year and while they might not be favorites, they are definitely worth considering for this year’s bet on MLB futures.

The Texas Rangers are another team that has cut their odds in half. They started the season at around +1800 and now are sitting at a comfy +755. The Rangers have the best record in the American League at 54-36 and has been able to reach that milestone while overcoming injuries in their pitching staff. The Texans’ offense is good enough to make them legitimate contenders and if they are able to keep their pitching staff healthy then they might become World Series’ favorites.

Speaking of favorites the Chicago Cubs are listed at an eye-catching +385 for this year’s World Series predictions. The Cubs 51-27 certainly has helped them earn this sport, and so has having the MLB’s best ERA (2.86). The odds for the Cubs will certainly garner some attention, but you should consider twice before picking Chicago. The Cubs history is riddled with postseason failure, and while most of the players on their roster have made it to the playoffs they haven’t been there as a team.